What is Sav3Token - SAV3 Token

What is Sav3Token - SAV3 Token

Sav3 Token (SAV3) is a cryptocurrency and works on the Ethereum platform. In this tutorial, we'll discuss What is Sav3Token - SAV3 Token

SAV3 is an experimental uncensorable platform with no CEO, no servers, and no content policy, with one objective: save the world.

How does it deal with spam/illegal content?

By only showing you content from players you save, and players they also save.

How does it deal with content discovery?

If you are a new player saving no one, it suggests players to save from a list voted by the governance SAV3 holders.

How does it deal with app store bans?

By not having an official app, it works in the browser through WebRTC.

How does it deal with DMCA requests and domain confiscation?

By being a single HTML page with no content/servers that you can save as and run locally or mirror.

What is the governance?

SAV3 is a DAO (forked from Compound), all expenses and governance decisions are voted on by SAV3 holders (on chain whenever possible).

How are liquidity providers incentivized?

4% of all transfers are forever locked into liquidity, 4% are distributed to liquidity providers. Percents can be changed by the DAO.

How is SAV3 distributed?

It is fully distributed to whitelist participants from Nov 14 to Nov 15 (24h). The first to claim will receive 250% more than the last (bonding curve). 20% dev fund linear progressive lock for 5 years.

How does it deal with whales/bots?

Each whitelist participant has a 3 Ether cap. The whitelister bot scraped 1000 tightly moderated defi Telegram groups and only allowed users with 30+ messages and 500+ characters typed in the last 3 months.

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