Ciena Interview Experience for C++ Developer

Ciena Interview Experience for C++ Developer

In this tutorial, will be Ciena Interview Experience for C++ Developer

I was interviewed at Ciena Gurgaon. I have 3+ years of experience.

Round 1(1 hr):

  1. Implement your own smart pointer class

  2. Copy Constructor

  3. Assignment operator

  4. Given a linked list modify it such that all the odd elements appear first followed by all even elements reversed.

  5. It was similar to this:

Round 2(1 hr):

  1. Given different service providers, their prefixes, and call rates. For a given number, find the service provider whose prefix matches with the number such that the call rate is minimum.

  2. In this question, the interviewer asked what Data Structure will be used to store this information of the service provider and later asked to find out the minimum call rate for a given number.


  4. Implement your own vector class.

  5. Hope it helps!! Good luck

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