Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms: Choosing Your Next UI Framework

Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms: Choosing Your Next UI Framework

In this article, Matt Lacey, Microsoft MVP, talks about his recent experience helping a company choose between Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms. Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms: Choosing Your Next UI Framework. Right here, we have countless books uno platform and xamarinforms choosing your next ui framework and collections to check out.

  • Key Takeaways
  • Companies increasingly need to build client apps that work on multiple operating systems. For developers who wish to use their existing C## and XAML skills to build such apps, this means using either the  Uno Platform or  Xamarin.Forms.
  • Xamarin.Forms and the Uno Platform have more in common than what separates them.
  • The future of Xamarin.Forms will be .NET MAUI (Multi-platform Application UI.) MAUI is both the next version of Xamarin.Forms and a completely new product.
  • The future of the Uno Platform will build upon Project Runion and WinUI 3. These are Microsoft's solutions for the future of native Windows development and still early in their development.
  • The key differentiator between the Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms is support for WebAssembly. The Uno Platform has it, but Xamarin.Forms doesn't.
  • A few scenarios force the choice between frameworks, but it's mostly a case of sticking with the option closest to what developers are most familiar with and personal preference.

Building an application for just one operating system (OS) is now the exception and not the norm. It is rarely appropriate to make different versions of an app for each OS.

Developers and businesses benefit when an app only needs to be written once but can run in more than one place. Being able to reuse known languages and tooling is also appealing.

In the Windows/.NET world, two frameworks enable this Xamarin.Forms; and the Uno Platform. Both allow using C## and XAML to create the app, and they share infrastructure and Visual Studio tooling to build apps for multiple operating systems from a Windows PC.

It can be challenging to know where they differ or to choose the most suitable for use when creating a new cross-platform project with so much in common.

This article explains the differences, similarities, and relationships between Uno Platform and Xamarin.Forms. We'll look at what the future holds for both these platforms and how to choose between them.

I recently helped a company decide which to use for a new project. There were solid arguments for both options, and each was suitable.

I'll tell you which they chose and why, but we'll first look in detail at the two options.

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