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Welcome to my Design Beast Review A Very warm welcome to my DesignBeast Review Here You Will Find Honest Opinion About The Design Beast Whether It is A Right Fit For You or not also I Have Covered All Working processes of DesignBeast, Live Video Demo, features Pros & Cons & All Design Beast OTO details.

Govind Rana Here Stay Till the End Of This Review I Have included $20k Bonuses At the end Of DesignBeast Review

DesignBeast Review – World finest graphic designing & animation software that will come into existence in some days. If you are searching for DesignBeast Review then this is the right platform to get in-depth information and the truth for Design Beast Review. An AI-based designing software that enables the 3D designing technology to you.

I am pretty much excited to share my point of view about the design beast. and this is because I want to meet you to the high technology graphics software.

This software is going to launch on 26 Aug. 2021 by the very famous vendor Paul Ponna and this time he is launching is 2 years of efforts on this amazing app. So do believe me without any doubt, here I only share the actual facts for Designbeast Review.

At this time the limited information is available on the web so I have included the creator of DesignBeast, Paul Ponna’s previous launches, what is DesignBeast, features & benefits, examples, who will best fit for this app, pros & cons, included with a huge bonuses.

Discount will be rolling out from 26th August

(fingers crossed till its launch because it is the launch beyond expectations)

Design Beast Review – Overview

  • Creator: Paul Ponna
  • Product Name: DesignBeast
  • Launch Date – 2021-Aug-24
  • Launch Timing – 11:00 EDT
  • Pricing – $67
  • Official Website – Visit
  • Money-Back Guarantee- Information Not Available
  • Category – Graphic Designing
  • Training – Yes, Available
  • Bonuses – Techevoke Special Bonuses Available

About Paul Ponna the vendor & Creator of DesignBeast

Paul Ponna is an entrepreneur and a digital geek in the internet marketing niche. His previous launches were hit the market products and were evergreen. No comparison of his products because he knows what is a need in today’s market and how online marketers will get benefited from online technologies.

So let’s have a look at Paul Ponna’s previous hits in the saas industry.

  1. DoodleMaker – This is the doodle video maker and the popular software on JVZoo that is the biggest launch in the history of internet marketing software. With a doodle maker, you can create studio-quality doodle videos with this application.
  2. VideoCreator – A readymade video editing app that is more authentic than existing video editing software. No more templates creation is required and no extra efforts to make and you can make exciting effects with videocreator.
  3. There is more software that has been launched by Paul Ponna…
  • DoodleMaker
  • Avatar Builder
  • VideoCreator
  • DesignBeast (available on 26th Aug)

Paul Ponna is a tech entrepreneur and he was started his journey from his 18 and with a website and hosting spending only $20. And he is a millionaire and frequently launches products that are really amazing and useful.

So not further delays let come to the designbeast review and let’s talk about what will be this software and how can you get benefited from this.

What is Design Beast?

Design beast is a software that comes with 6 world-class designing technology, and with those 6 modules, you can fulfill your graphics needs in just 1 price tag.

DesignBeast is a software that is responsible for multipurpose designs and better technology including these below-mentioned modules.

  1. Design Automation App #1– All in One Design and Mockup Engine
  2. Design Automation App #1– 3D Live Motion Photos
  3. Design Automation App #1– Magic Object Remover
  4. Design Automation App #1– 1-Click Background Removal
  5. Design Automation App #1– Slick Image Editor
  6. Design Automation App #1– AI Logo Creator

This is app bundle is fully loaded with advanced graphics features that are essential for making high-quality posts, infographics, motion pictures, 3D banners, and more.

Here are all modules explanations of DesignBeast

So this is clear this app has various technologies that are responsible for advanced editing and professional graphical designs. So here is the module’s explanation.

  1. All in One Design and mockup Engine

This is a designs library, not an ordinary image or premade design library. All elements are customizable and you can create any of your imagination with this design and mockup engine.

7000+ ready-to-use customizable designs and mockups are available in this module. Just head over to the DesignBeast software and you will get the professional DFY designs and mockups for your graphics need.

There are for all social apps, means available in various sizes.

2. 3D Live Motion Photos

Now you can convert a still, boring photo to a live, 3D effect photo with the A.I. technology of DesignBeast. With this effect, you can engage with your audience in a more effective manner.

And you all know that a moving object with a visual effect is 10x more engaging than an ordinary graphical image. with this technology, you can grab the attention of your customers and get more clicks on your sales platform.

3. Magic Object Removal Tool

Most of the time we need to remove some object or any person from any of the selected images and this module will give you access to select the required object or person and the remove that thing is just one click.

The feature Paul Ponna offers in his software is rarely available on any other software. With only one click the magic happens and the object will be removed.

4. 1-Click Background Removal

Because the software has technology that is based on AI and Machine Learning. So it auto-detects the edges and objects in your photos and automatically erases the background from any photo.

You don’t need to make extra effects just select the 1 click background removal option and click on the image background and it will vanish within seconds.

5. Slick Image Editor

This has the multi-feature of basic editing for any photo. Just like edit, crop, short, effects, blur, and more. You don’t need to go for different apps to perform different tasks every time.

You can convert any still normal photo to a high-class visual and ready-to-use, ready-to-print photo with this module.

6. Artificial Intelligence Logo Creator

An AI logo creator, not just a free tool that is available in the online market but it is quite effective and useful for you to generate any kind of logo. You can now bulk-create 50 logo variations for any brand in 3 easy steps.

All designs are fully customizable, also a single object is customizable with this app.

How DesignBeast will fire in the saas market?

In this section of DesignBeast Review, I am sharing its popularity, hype, and the vendor name-fame with you, so that you can evaluate its worth.

Just because you need a better, time-saving, authentic, graphic designing and animation software that will fulfill your professional graphics need for online marketing.

Because paul Ponna is a tech entrepreneur and he knows what is write to tab the market and what should be the next useful tool for every marketer.

DesignBeast is now going to be a popular one from the software list of its vendor. No matter what competitors of DesignBeast will say about this software. But as a consumer and a digital marketer, I am pretty much excited for its official launch.

DesignBeast Features & Benefits

If you want to create designs for Social media, websites, e-commerce sites, local businesses, promos, and advertising then focus on the features & benefits of DesignBeast Review, so that you can evaluate its actual strength.

 A.I. & Machine Learning Technology

This is the platform that suggests automatically the designs, objects, effects & more things that are based on your needs and the design frame you choose.

Automate design tasks with machine learning and artificial intelligence to leapfrog your competition and maximize revenues.

 6 Apps in the Price of One

There is no comparison of this app in the online market because the bundle of 6 apps and those apps are highly authentic useful in today’s competitive marketing world.

You can replace multiple graphics apps from one that is DesignBeast and you need to replace it if you want to save your money and time.


This app is available in multi-languages, and with this feature, it doesn’t matter from where you are in this world.

It enables you to sell your service towards the globe and also give you the access to create graphical content in your local language.

 Commercial and resell rights available

Commercial licensing brings you to another stage of selling your services to clients. Now you can freely sell all generated content to your clients in the market. Also charge extra fees according to your skills and set your service on commercial platforms.

 Copywrite free assets and resources

Assets that are really expensive and everyone even I needs to purchase from the online market and those services are very expensive for all of us. But now all are available at one place that is design beast, you will get premium royalty-free images, icons, backgrounds & animations.

 Save Time and money

You can build world-class designs in minutes and all designs are professional, in starting you need to learn some lessons and practice to perform with DesignBeast membersarea.

 Dynamic Visual Effects

The effects offered by this software is so amazing and fully customizable so that I have given the term dynamic. All things are editable and ready to use.

Is there are any skills required to work with DesignBeast?

Designbeast is a DFY editable templates advanced graphic design software that will suggest to you the designs from its A.I. and machine learning technology. So I am sure you don’t need any advanced skills to use DesignBeast.

But to be honest, you need to work on these soft skills.

  1. Knowledge of using basic online apps.
  2. The mindset to Selecting the best
  3. Knowledge of colors
  4. Knowledge of graphics
  5. Understanding of designs
  6. Branding

And there are most soft skills required.

Design Beast Review – Who will be fit for this software?

So now in this series, it’s time to share the industry people who are best fit for this software that is Designbeast. And after lots of research and analysis, I decided to include these professionals in the DesignBeast audience. I am happy to share my point views in this DesignBeast Review.

  • Graphic Designers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Bloggers.
  • Vloggers
  • Youtubers
  • Media Agency
  • Advertising agency
  • Local Businesses
  • Ecommerce Players

DesignBeast Review – Pros & Cons

I have shared the sure short pros and cons for this revolutionary software. But there are some cons also available. After reviewing the product, as a marketer, I also realized this has lots of pros and some cons available in the market.


  • 6 modules in 1 app
  • 3d photo creation technology with AI and machine learning
  • Background and object removal technology.
  • Designs library over 7000
  • Kindly support team.
  • Trustable vendor
  • 30 Days money back gaurantee.
  • And more…


  • Some modules are more useful than 1 or 2 other modules.
  • You cannot download the software to your computer or on a desktop.
  • No more cons I have found for this software.

Design Beast OTOs/Upgrades

Here are the details of its upgrade, so that you can utilize all its advanced features. In this DesignBeast Review, I have mentioned the name and price of OTOs, and the rest of the details will be available soon.

Front End: DesignBeast Commercial

Price – $47 Onetime

  • Six Designs App For Price of One
  • Mockup Designer App
  • AI Logo Maker App
  • 1-Click Background Removal App
  • Live Motion Photos App
  • Multi-Purpose Image Editor App
  • Magic Object Removal App
  • 7000+ Ready-to-Use Templates
  • Millions of Royalty-Free Images
  • Copyright-Free Vectors & Icons
  • Hundreds of Fonts
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Step-by-Step Video Training
  • Commercial License
  • Sell The Designs For Profit
  • Facebook Group Access
  • Skype Mentorship Group Access
  • 8 Week Training Webinars

OTO#1: DesignBeast Elite

Price – $49 Onetime

Get access to additional features worth thousands. 10X your results, sales and profits and get ahead of the competition and other DesignBeast customers. 

  • Unlock 2,000 additional ready-to-use templates
  • Get 80 new templates added to your account each month for 1 year. (no monthly or yearly fees.)
  • Thousands of Premium Text Effects and Animations
  • Millions of Premium Royalty Free Design Assets, Icons and vectors.
  • Millions of Copyright-Free Image
  • Priority Future Software Updates

OTO#2: DesignBeast Agency

Price – $67

Sell videos for $300 to $500 each with the done-for-you agency package included. This upgrade makes it easy for everyone to find clients and sell their designs for top dollar. 

  • 5 sub accounts
  • Done-For-You Agency Marketing Bundle
  • Done-For-You Legal Client Contracts
  • Done-For-You Agency Website
  • Done-For-You Agency Sales Video

OTO#3: DesignBeast 4 in 1 Ultra.

Price – $39 OneTime

Customers get access to FOUR additional apps as part of this upgrade. 

  • Pixel Perfect
  • Instantly turn any image, even a low quality image, into ultra HD, high quality photo that can be blown up to any size – even billboard size – without any pixelation or distortion.
  • Animated Ads Builder 

Create animated ads in all languages, shapes and sizes using hundreds of ready to use design templates. Use animated ads to promote your products, create ads for clients or sell animated designs on freelancer websites like fiverr, upwork and freelancer to maximize profits. 

  • Video Resizer

With this powerful technology you can resize any video into multiple video sizes perfectly sized for all social platforms. Turn a single video into multiple dimensions and sizes within minutes and share the video onto different platforms to drive more traffic and sales!

  • Video Survey Pro

With this powerful app you can instantly collect:

* Video Testimonials

* Live video feedback from clients about your work

* Add video surveys on your websites to collect valuable information

* Have your team record video feedback about any project 

Streamline your workflows without any confusion or relying on old and outdated methods like email and text.  

OTO#4: DesignBeast Unlimited

Price $67 OneTime

With the DesignBeast basic license, you can create unlimited designs forever with one limit of 600 credits per month on each of the six apps included. 

The limits reset each month so you can continue creating amazing designs, graphics and animations forever without any monthly fees. 

This limit is put in place to prevent abuse and ensure all our customers are getting the best value for years to come at an unbeatable price.

As part of this special unlimited upgrade, you can remove all the monthly limits and restrictions for all the cutting-edge apps and technologies included. 

Design Beast Review Conclusion

From my take, this will be a good and useful tool for you if you belong to these above-mentioned professional categories. No matter you have advanced skills or not because everything will be DFY and ready to use. And the best thing is that you can customize and edit each and every pre-made effect, design, and more thing. According to my opinion, graphics designing software is ned for every marketer and business person, but everyone cannot go for photoshop, AI, and Coral, so for making it easy and useful there will be a choice in your hand that is DesignBeast.



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Design Beast Review & OTO Link

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