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Remote Employee Time Tracking and Workforce Management Software

Post COVID-19 era most of the employees are really interested in Work from home , Also the organizations identified its more beneficial for them to provide work from home options to their employees to reduce office expenses.,After COVID -19 pandemic employee feeling more comfortable and productive when working from home, In the same way remote employee management is always challenging… Monitoring each employee and coordinating to get the work done at time is also important. Staying productive during remote working can be challenging if you’re working from home.

Challenges when working from Home?

Time Management: Time Managemnt is most important in any organization when you are working remotely. When you start working from home the main challenge you are going to face. If you are focused on your work consider using a time tracking software like Desklog, which helps you to track your time spent on various tasks or categories of tasks. Also, how much spend on productive and non-productive applications.

Many distractions: Working from home gives you more freedom and flexibility, changing your home to a new office atmosphere there are more chances for it to get disorganized.

Extended work hours: Some time lack of time management leads to extended working time.

How to manage remote team efficiently:

You can efficiently manage remote team when you have the employee management software with you, Employee time tracking software helps your employees to track their time to understand how much time spending on each task, Desklog Project Management Software manage each task plan your project, manage the resources, assign the task, review the reports

Remote Employee Time Tracking and Workforce Management Software