Eye Cataract Surgery in Phoenix: Surgical Procedure

Eye Cataract Surgery in Phoenix: Surgical Procedure

When considering Eye Cataract Treatment & Surgery, trust the Doctors Moretsky Cassidy Vision Correction Clinic Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)! Please call us at 480.610.1252.

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Tons of Americans in Phoenix, Arizona are suffering from the Eye Cataract problem. Almost, more than 2.9 million cataract surgeries have been performed in the entire United States. If you are viewing Cataract Surgery in Arizona, here in this article you will go through different treatment options that are available for you. Cataract Eye Surgery in Arizona has always been betrothed in the use of a surgical blade and makes several small incisions into an eye. While Laser Cataract Surgery in Arizona is now a safe procedure made by a laser. This advanced technology allows Dr. Moretsky and Dr. Cassidy to conquer numerous Cataract Surgery in Phoenix with the help of laser precision.

Eye Cataract in Arizona

Millions of Americans are suffering from such Eye Cataracts and the higher age is the major risk for the development of Cataracts. An ophthalmologist said that an Eye Cataract matures when the natural lens of your eyes grows cloudy and distorts your eye vision. Ophthalmologists were recommended patients to not postpone cataract surgery until cataracts became ripened. Cataracts may darken your vision and make it difficult in performing your daily life tasks. At Phoenix, Arizona the eye specialists offer Cataract Surgeries with fast, safe, and advanced techniques to replace clouded lenses with artificial lenses to bring back your vision. Cataracts in the eye can be replaced by an intraocular lens.

Types of Cataract Surgery

Eye Cataract Treatment in Arizona is completely secured, so an individual no need to take much stress to put off and consider by your eye doctor as you can discuss your options. A device puts in place to avoid blinking and allow your eye surgeon to clear access to your eye. The Laser Cataract Doctors in Phoenix, Arizona lessens your pain in the central core of the cataract, and the result is like reduced stress in the intraocular structures. There are types of cataract surgery:

· Phacoemulsification: A small incision made on the side of the cornea that covers the front of the eye. Later, an eye surgeon inserts a tiny probe into the eye. This device produces ultrasound waves that make soften and break down the cloudy lens and later remove it with the help of suction. Today, most cataract surgeries are done by Phacoemulsification, it is also called small incision cataract surgery.

· Extracapsular Surgery: The large cut is made on the side of the cornea and removes the cloudy lens in one piece and the rest of the lens is removed by suction. This surgery is most often done as an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. You should not feel any pain during eye surgery. The incision made during surgery is small and does not require more stitches.

At Arizona Cataract, their doctors have felt pride in providing a good facility to their patients with advanced technologies. Glance their website at https://arizonacataract.com/ for further information. Get in touch now for more!

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