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List of Resources To Practice & Excel in SQL

SQL is one of the best and easiest languages out there to learn when you are starting your data career. You might be studying SQL as a subject in your Computer Science course, or just interested in upskilling and have been using one or more sites as a go-to solution. Yes, there are a lot of sites available to help you study and practice SQL online besides SQL Test.

Most of these sites also offer you a comprehensive study plan to learn SQL syntax, and some are just tools to practice the skills that you pick up:

  • SQL Fiddle:SQL Fiddle is one of the best resources to go if you are looking for nothing apart from raw SQL hands-on practice. The best part about SQL Fiddle is not only restricted to MySQL, but offers you space to practise your SQL skills in RDBMS tools like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, and SQLite. If you are looking to run some real-time practice for revising your concepts before an examination or just revisiting SQL after some gap, SQL Fiddle is the best resource. However, you would not be able to use your databases, or datasets unless you create them in the given schema online.

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List of Resources To Practice & Excel in SQL