Angular Vs Bootstrap- A Comparison Of Frontend Frameworks - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Angular Vs Bootstrap- A Comparison Of Frontend Frameworks - Solace Infotech Pvt Ltd

Comparison of Angular vs Bootstrap. When to choose Angular? When to choose Bootstrap? What is Angular? What is Bootstrap?

In this competitive market, a creative and responsive UI plays a vital role in the success of web solutions. So for developers, it is important to choose the best frontend framework for app development. Angular and Bootstrap are the two popular frameworks used by developers, but choosing the best one for a project is not an easy task. Angular is a TypeScript based framework with immense codes and vast tools for app development whereas Bootstrap is an HTML/CSS/JS framework with ready-made components. The fundamentals of both the frameworks are different- starting from its architecture, coding style and even its learning curve. Here we’ll compare Angular vs Bootstrap to help you to choose the best one. Before comparing both the frameworks, let us see the overview of each one in detail.

What Is Angular?

Released in 2016, it is a typescript-based Javascript framework to build scalable web applications. Angular has some in-built tools and libraries that don’t affect the size or app speed. It provides a dynamic UI binding at plain object or property level, and a two-way data binding is integral to its architecture.

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Angular is used to build eCommerce apps, video streaming apps, Content-based websites, Real-time data application, Gaming apps, cloud-based applications, Native mobile apps, PWAs, user-generated content portals etc.

Forbes, PayPal, Mixer, Gmail are some of the popular apps built with Angular.

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What Is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open-source front-end CSS framework used to create responsive mobile-first websites. It is popular UI development framework for its responsive design templates, frameworks, grids and multi-site compatibility.

It is used to build Microblogging apps, social media apps, ecommerce websites, content based apps, geo-location apps, on-demand apps, payment apps and responsive web apps also.

Vogue, Lyft, Whatsapp are some of the popular apps built by using Bootstrap.

Angular Vs Bootstrap- A Comparison

1. Application Architecture- *Angular- * Angular has a Model-View-Controller architecture pattern that isolates the app logic from user interface layer and efficiently supports the separation of concerns. Architecture helps to organize the code components as per design and performance variations. Also, it simplifies the development structure by combining MVC pattern and two-way data binding. In contrast to other web frameworks, which implement two-way data binding by using fragile event listeners and handlers, Angular makes this process an integral function of its architecture. The framework isolates the business logic from UI components, that helps developers to design a neat user interface with smooth business logic applicable.

Bootstrap- Bootstrap architecture can be summarized as a View-View-Controller architecture due to its built that use Logic layer and view layer. View component focuses on visual displays, while the view-controller sets out all the visual components’ behavior within the framework. There are six modules in view layer and twelve components in logic layer that provide unique functionality to the corresponding visual aid.

While developing a webpage, bootstrap supports the Model-View-Controller architecture pattern. One should always remember that, while creating a web app using the MVC design principle, the framework would serve as the view components.

2. Performance- Know more at-[]( "")

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