Characteristics of Big Data: Types & 5V's

Characteristics of Big Data: Types & 5V's

Big data is a huge collection of data. To make sense out of it, you have to know the characteristics of Big Data. In this tutorial, we'll learn Characteristics of Big Data: Types & 5V's.


The world around is changing rapidly, we live a data-driven age now. Data is everywhere, from your social media comments, posts, and likes to your order and purchase data on the e-commerce websites that you visit daily. Your search data is used by the search engines to enhance your search results. For large organizations, this data is in the form of customer data, sales figures, financial data, and much more.

You can imagine how much data is produced every second! Huge amounts of data are referred to as Big Data. 

Let us start with the basics concepts of Big Data.

big data characteristics of big data

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