React Native Boilerplate Templates for The Airfoil CLI

React Native Boilerplate Templates for The Airfoil CLI

Airfoil Schematics React Native boilerplate templates for the Airfoil CLI.

Airfoil Schematics

React Native boilerplate templates for the Airfoil CLI.


All templates have some common libraries baked into them such as React Navigation and React Native Config.


A minimalist app built on Axios and the Context API.


COMING SOON - A bare-bones implementation of Redux and REST.


A turbocharged starter-kit using Apollo Client and GraphQL.

Common Built-In Features

  • Sane Prettier Defaults

  • Typescript enabled by default

  • Opinionated Directory Structure

    └── app/
        ├── components/
        ├── hooks/
        ├── navigation/
        ├── screens/
        ├── services/
        ├── utils/
        ├── App.tsx
        ├── constants.ts
        └── global.d.ts
  • Relative local imports

    import HomeScreen from '@app/screens/HomeScreen'
  • ErrorBoundary already set up

  • First React Navigation route already set up

  • React Native Config hooked up to load .env vars into app/constants.ts


Install base dependencies, and install dependencies for any template(s) you wish to run/test.

# install dev dependencies - needed only for global testing
yarn install

# install all templates
yarn install-templates

# install a specific template
yarn install-blimp
yarn install-jet

Then, to run a template:

yarn ios-blimp
yarn ios-jet
yarn android-blimp
yarn android-jet


# test all templates
yarn test

# test a specific template
yarn test-blimp
yarn test-jet


To contribute, open a new pull request and tag someone as a reviewer.

Make sure all tests are passing.


All feature requests, bug reports, questions, etc. welcome! Please submit issues here.

Download Details:

Author: teamairship

Source Code:

react-native react mobile-apps

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