Cocoon Gem Example: How to implement Cocoon Gem in Rails 6?

Cocoon Gem Example: How to implement Cocoon Gem in Rails 6?

Wanted to learn how to implement Cocoon gem in Rails 6 but don’t know where to start? Here’s a tutorial with the implementation of the Cocoon gem example.

Every technology, every framework is incomplete without its valuable libraries; in Rails, that is what Gems are for!

Today, we have come up with a tutorial to look forward to creating dynamic and clumsy Rails utilizing Cocoon Gems through the way.

When you want to add the specific data in the field and do not know how to implement it or how many users will enter the data, there is no clue on the total number of users.

There is no built-in support in this framework to provide the solution to this issue. Hence we can use Cocoon Gem as a savior.

So Cocoon Gem works this way; it requests the nested fields to add or remove the fields without making any further requests.

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Now, let’s walk through the thorough process from scratch to implement Cocoon Gems

  • Create your Rails App
  • Add jquery to your project app
  • Update the webpack and environment.js file
  • The cocoon gem file shall be added
  • By implementing it, you will generate the user model

We have not even begun with the primary process. To explain the implementation of Cocoon Gem, we would need a code snippet and detailed description in order to explain it better.

To check out the extensive tutorial on Cocoon Gem Example In Rails 6 check out our detailed blog!

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