Best Video Conferencing Software for Agile Teams and Businesses

Best Video Conferencing Software for Agile Teams and Businesses

Ever since WFH mode, video conferencing software are the most sought-after tool. Here are the top 12 video conferencing tools for you.

It’s a virtual world we live in today. And the expansion of business activities across borders has made video conferencing software the prime focus of every organization.

In this age of intense competition where we hear about an emerging company every other day, communication is the key to survival. That is why video conferencing software is vital for a company’s success.

Video Conferencing Software In a Nutshell

In technical words, it is a videotelephony video conferencing software. Quite a mouthful, right? This is why the simple definition of video conferencing software is: these tools allow you to have a virtual meeting with anyone around the world where you can share real-time video, audio, and text.

The video conferencing software of today does much more than that. I mean, we have some tools which have drawing tools, can record calls, enable encrypted calls, and translate audio and text in real-time! How impressive is that?

Why Is It a Must-have In 2020?

Due to the current circumstances, the number of video conferencing program have increased exponentially. Gone are the days when employees had to travel to another place and be physically present to communicate with colleagues or customers.

With the rise of free video conferencing software in the market, SMEs, as well as large enterprises, have increased the usage of these tools instead of going for traditional meetings.

However, this increase has led to difficulty in singling out the one right-fit program for your company. It’s a tough task to filter out the best video conferencing software for your company.

Fortunately, we have put in the effort and the hours for you! We have included some free video conferencing software options in the list for SMEs as they cannot afford to go all out and pay every time they conduct a meeting.

Here’s a list of the 12 best conferencing software:

1. **[BlueJeans**](

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