WordPress Injection Anchors Widespread Malware Campaign

WordPress Injection Anchors Widespread Malware Campaign

Website admins should patch all plugins, WordPress itself and back-end servers as soon as possible. User awareness training about how to inspect a full URL before downloading files to ensure it matches the source is always a good idea.

Watering-Hole Attacks In performing incident response at a law firm, eSentire analysts saw malicious code being written to the Windows Registry – a common, fileless malware tactic. Upon further investigation, the infection turned out to have stemmed from an employee who “was searching the internet for sample business agreements dealing with physician assistants (PAs) practicing medicine in California.”

The employee found a top-ranked web page purporting to be a Q&A forum, which referenced a link to a sample agreement for PAs working in California; but, when the person attempted to open the so-called “document,” it executed Gootloader.

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