Real-time web applications with ASP.NET Core SignalR

Real-time web applications with ASP.NET Core SignalR

Real-time web applications with ASP.NET Core SignalR

Brady Gaster (@bradygaster) joins Cecil (@cecilphillip) to show how easy it is to add real-time functionality to your web applications using ASP.NET Core SignalR. They discuss topics such as targeting with clients, SignalR transports, and options for running your SignalR application in the cloud.

Now, you can even leverage the Hub protocol spec is the available on GitHub if you’re interested in creating your own SignalR client.

[02:10] - Quick introduction to SignalR

[06:06] - Targeting clients

[10:51] - Leveraging the Hub protocol

[12:18] - SignalR Transports

[13:55] - Hosting SignalR in a background service

[16:22] - Azure SignalR Service

[18:22] - The SignalR Java client on Android

[22:34] - Streaming with SignalR

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