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The dominance of the Apple iPad is only likely to be challenged by South Korean rival Samsung. This is according to former Apple chief executive John Sculley, who was speaking about the launch of the iPad earlier in the month.

Mr Sculley said that the Galaxy Tab range of tablets from Samsung would pose a reasonable yet limited threat to the superior market position of the iPad range.

Since Apple single handedly revived the tablet market when the original buy playstore reviews iPad launched in 2021 and sold over 15 million units in the last quarter of 2020, it does seem something of a stretch to imagine a scenario in which Samsung can actually overtake it. However, with firms like HP and RIM failing to set the world alight with well funded but commercially unsuccessful tablets, Samsung might be in a position to take a respectable second place.

Mr Sculley said that Apple was in the privileged position of being able to focus solely on progressing forwards, while many of its potential rivals like Samsung are struggling to deal with the shifting market and have to tackle lingering issues which have not been addressed in the past.

In other iPad news it was recently reported that Apple is working on a scaled down 7.85 inch iteration of its tablet, which will be a major departure from the 14.6 inch screen size that has defined all three generations so far.

A source from within Apple is reported as having told TheTalkShow that although the late Steve Jobs was not attracted to the idea of creating smaller tablets, new bosses are now looking to tackle this segment of the market with a device that will take on the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire and the BlackBerry Playbook.

The smaller iPad will have to feature a smaller price tag if it is to appeal to users, while some are suggesting that it will feature the same native resolution as the first two iPad models, albeit squeezed onto the smaller display.

For the time being these rumours are unsubstantiated, but Apple is apparently working with a smaller iPad in its labs, which could suggest that it is a prototype that will never see the light of day. Of course if there is a smaller iPad on the market then Samsung and other competitors will presumably have an even tougher time competing with Apple.

One factor which might keep Apple from entering the lower end of the tablet market is that it knows that since it has the best product out there, consumers are willing to pay a little bit more for the privilege of owning an iPad. This means that cut-price tablets cannot be appealing purely for their lower price point and since the way a smartphone like a BlackBerry Bold deals with web access, games and apps is similar to a budget tablet, many people will just stick with their mobiles.

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