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Landing Page for The Metaverse Lightwallet

MyETPWallet langing page 

Download and Installation

Clone the repo: git clone Install dependencies: npm install

Gulp Tasks

You should install the gulp taskrunner: npm i -g gulp

  • gulp the default task that builds everything into a dist directory
  • gulp dev browserSync opens the project in your default browser and live reloads when changes are made
  • gulp html copies html files
  • gulp assets copies images
  • gulp sass compiles SCSS files into CSS
  • gulp minify-css minifies the compiled CSS file
  • gulp minify-js minifies the themes JS file
  • gulp copy copies dependencies from node_modules to the vendor directory

Bugs and Issues

Have a bug or an issue? Open a new issue.

Download Details:
Author: mvs-org
Source Code:
License: MIT License

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Landing Page for The Metaverse Lightwallet
Callum  Owen

Callum Owen


How to Create a Landing Page With WordPress

Are you wanting to create a landing page for your WordPress website? Landing pages are powerful tools for generating sales or bringing attention to specific content on your site. In this guide, we will show you how to create a landing page with WordPress.

This video brought to you by SeedProd, the best WordPress landing page plugin available, take a look at their site here:


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While you can create a landing page with the free version, for this tutorial we are using the pro version. For the pro version, we will go to the Seedprod site, log in, and get our plugin files as well as our license key. Now in our WordPress site under Plugins, we will use the upload button to upload and install the plugin files.

To get started we will go under SeedProd, Pages, and click the Create Your First Page button to bring up the editor. SeedProd’s builder will start with you deciding the type of template to start with. Add a page name and if you would like a specific URL, set the URL in that field.

SeedProd will bring up their drag-and-drop builder where you can modify, resize, or replace the content on your landing page. The editing tools for the selection you’ve chosen are on the left-hand side of the screen.

The video will show some of our recommendations for a landing page like this one as well as some recommended sections that you can add to the page that are designed for you. There is also the option for creating color templates to style the content on the page based on those colors.

SeedProd also has integrations for the different email providers to allow you to collect the email addresses of users who want to submit their information.

Here are more examples on how to create a simple landing page in WordPress:

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How To Make a Fully Responsive Landing Page Using HTML, CSS (SCSS), and JavaScript

In this tutorial, we are going to build a fully responsive Gym Landing page using HTML, CSS (SCSS) and JavaScript. We’ll use all sort of CSS tricks and also do a little bit of usability and accessibility.

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Source Files:

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0:00 Introduction:
0:39 Project Setup
6:02 HTML5 & Reset Styles
18:10 Skip To Content Button
25:17 Header & Navbar
01:12:23 Hero
01:40:16 Categories
01:57:18 Training Options
02:09:29 Get Started Today
02:20:54 We Will Help You
02:23:01 Footer
02:23:27 Ending

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App Landing Page Website Template

Downloaf this free App landing page website template from by using the link

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Software Landing Page website template

Download this stylish software landing page website template from this is one of the best landing page website template you can download it by using the following link

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Free Mobile Landing page website template

Mobile Landing page website template free download. download this template from by using the link :

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