Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Azure provides over 1O00 cloud-services that enable you to do everything form running existing applications on Virtual Machines(VMs) to exploring new software paradigms.

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What is Azure?

Azure provides over 1O00 cloud-services that enable you to do everything form running existing applications on Virtual Machines(VMs) to exploring new software paradigms. The Azure cloud provides the various infrastructure for enabling compute, storage, and networking resources that are needed to build cloud-hosted/cloud-native applications.

Microsoft Azure provides a more global model that is present more than any other cloud provider with over 54 regions distributed worldwide.

Microsoft Azure services

Some of the Azure cloud services:


These services enable a user to deploy and manage VMs.


Azure offers SQL and NoSQL database services to integrate your various preferred application services.


This offers ways to control who can access the services and use encryption keys to protect sensitive information in the cloud.


This enables the resource to be connected and manage traffic and diagnostics, load balancing, DNS hosting and network protection


Azure provides high availability, redundant, secure, and scalable services to persistent storage.

Media and content delivery network (CDN)

The CDN services include on-demand streaming, digital, content cache right protections, encoding, and media playback, and indexing.

AI and machine learning

These are a wide range of services that infuse artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing capabilities


Azure has implemented various services to ensure that there is proper authorization when accessing your Azure resources.

Benefits of Azure

With the constant change of technology, it seems like on-premises mainframes will be replaced with Cloud Provider data centers. This is because cloud computing brings a lot of benefits and seeks to solve the hassle of on-premise data centers. These are some benefits of the cloud:


Azure allows users to start immediately spin up multiple resources at a global scale in a matter of minutes. Compare to conventional static datacenter which could require hardware, staffing resources, and more time than needed.


This could be the greatest benefit of using Azure. Azure billing works with the pay-as-go model. This gives users the benefits of paying for services when they are in use. The customer is then billed monthly. With a traditional data center, there would be huge Capital Expenditure( CapEx) such as Physical servers and infrastructure devices like routers, load balancers, and network cables, and *Operational Expenditure (OpEx) *like IT expertise, power bills and building rent.

Disaster Recovery

There is always a chance that disaster will strike and important data can be lost. With MicrosoftAzure this data can be made high availability, redundant and robust. This can protect your data in case of any unplanned outcome.

Secure to its Core

Azure has built its datacenter around security. Security is not optional it is at the core of the platform. Customers can choose from a wide range of Security tools, firewalls, encryption, and authentication methods to secure their data, they can even encrypt the data in a way that makes it accessible only to ones with security keys.

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