Rainbow Figma Icon Set Free - UI Freebies

Rainbow Figma Icon Set Free - UI Freebies

The rainbow figma icon pack consists of 220 icons. Rainbow is completely vector designed and you can easily edit them.

The rainbow figma icon pack consists of 220 icons. Rainbow is completely vector designed and you can easily edit them.

Download and enjoy these high-quality conceptual outline icons. This conceptual pack offers 220 vector icons and is equally suitable for web, mobile, and print projects. An excellent set to grab and use in related projects.

Icon pack really helps your digital needs. You can use this icon for your website, especially the main menu, very suitable for websites and apps. And other uses to suit your needs like onboarding, menu, and dashboard.

Download here: https://uifreebies.net/icon/rainbow-figma-icon-set-free

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