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Elasticsearch in Java Spring Boot: Starter Pack

Both Java and Elasticsearch are popular elements within common technology stacks that companies use. Java is a programming language that was released back in 1996. Java is owned by Oracle and still in active development.

Elasticsearch is a young technology compared to Java — it was only released in 2010 (making it 14 years younger than Java). It’s gaining popularity quickly and is now used in many companies as a search engine.

Seeing how popular both are, many people and companies want to connect Java with Elasticsearch in order to develop their own search engine. In this article, I want to teach you how to connect Java Spring Boot 2 with Elasticsearch. We’ll learn how to create an API that’ll call Elasticsearch to produce results.

Connecting Java With Elasticsearch

Other ways to connect

Using Spring Data Elasticsearch

Basic CRUD with the Spring Data repository interface

Using ElasticsearchRestTemplate

Elasticsearch RestHighLevelClient

Index creation


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Elasticsearch in Java Spring Boot: Starter Pack