Building and Deploying a GraphQL API with Node.js

Building and Deploying a GraphQL API with Node.js

A walkthrough for creating and deploying a GraphQL API with Node.js - Build and Deploy a Scalable GraphQL API

A walkthrough for creating and deploying a GraphQL API with Node.js.

The Goal

The API will allow us to do the following:

  1. Save podcasts (name and URL) in a cloud database.
  2. Query all of our saved podcasts.
  3. Update & Delete the saved podcasts.

Some Prerequisites

  1. Node.js installed locally on your machine. You can get it here.
  2. A MongoDB Atlas account, which you can create here.
  3. A Heroku Account. Get that here.
  4. The Heroku CLI installed locally on your machine. Get that here.
  5. Git installed locally on your machine. Get that here.
  6. Postman, a super handy tool we’ll be using to test our API. Get that here.

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