Web Accessibility: 6 Tips to Make Your Website Accessible | Anyforsoft

Web Accessibility: 6 Tips to Make Your Website Accessible | Anyforsoft

What is web accessibility and why is it so important for business? What are the ways to implement it? Take a look at our checklist!

One of the most important categories of evaluation for a website is its attendance. However, not all developers pay attention to the fact that their site cannot be used by some people. Tens of millions of users do not have access to many pages due to various issues with digital accessibility, resulting in a loss for both parties.

In fact, implementing website accessibility is not a task that’s out of the ordinary. The main thing you need is an understanding of the difficulties faced by people with disabilities, and the ways you can present information in order to make your website accessible to everyone without exceptions. Read about Web Accessibility: 6 Tips to Make Your Website Accessible

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The World Needs Web Accessibility Now More Than Ever

I attended a talk last year by Mike Gifford where he said, “the web has actually become LESS accessible since 2011.” It’s cheap and easy for anyone to create a website these days, and hardly anyone considers accessibility. And why would you? If it’s not in your daily purview, it’s not going into your list of website requirements. Heck, most people don’t even think of the end user, Disabled or not, when creating a website.

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Web Accessibility and What is web accessibility?

Are you doing your part to make the web more friendly? Is accessibility a core concern of yours? If not, perhaps it should be. Let's look at why.I recently had the opportunity to reconnect with a former co-worker and good friend. As our conversation came to an end they made a statement that hit me in the gut: “I tried to browse your blog but I couldn’t get past the homepage.”

Making the Web a Better Place: Accessibility Learnings

“Accessibility” tends to be a word that’s easily thrown into conversations to convey a sense of inclusivity but oftentimes comes with a lack of understanding.