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Digitisation of engineering products

In recent times the high demand for engineering services and heavy competition in the field made the investors rethink and invest in the latest technology. Due to lack of experience and knowledge many companies are hesitant to invent new technologies. They should improve their capabilities and gain good knowledge in the field of engineering services. They should get proper guidance in order to test and execute their skill set.

What is digitisation of engineering products?

Product engineering services can be defined as the consulting activity which uses several hardware and software to give solutions to the engineering products.


This is the first stage in which ideas of the product, specifications, requirements will be discussed. After discussing they discover the market and scope the product. The idea will be further scrutinized to decide whether to continue with the product or not. Embedded Software Development will invest more on research and development to get the sophisticated technologies concept.


Once the concept is finalized the next step is to bring life to the product by giving proper design. Any improvement or altercation in the project should be finalised before design is approved. Industrial Design Company uses the latest technologies like CAAD and 3D printers to make designs of the product.


Third phase is development in which a project will be developed and assembled. Then they explore new methods to implement the project. This is an important phase because in this expenses, management and optimization of the product will be decided.


Once the product is developed then it should be tested to determine quality. It is the responsibility of the company to keep the product fault free. If any fault is found on the product it should be corrected before the release of the product. Pcb Design Services uses manual and automatic processes to test the product to ensure the safety of the product.


Once the product is developed, then it must be released in the market. The feedback of the product should be collected from the customers to ensure the further improvement in the products.

There are several steps involved to make a successful engineering product but complete success of the product will be determined how maintenance and support given to make the customer satisfied. 


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Emma Jhonoson


When do you need software product development services?

Today, software products have become an important part of our existence; it is hard to imagine any of our daily activities not being powered by some kind of computer-related application or process!

However, when digging deeper developing a robust software product is an even more complex process to adapt. Almost 14% of software projects nose dive because they fail to constantly adhere to proper software product development. In fact, 75% of business and IT executives predict their software projects to be a failure.

This is exactly why following a set of systemic steps is crucial in developing a high-quality software product that meets requirements and overcomes challenges.

Some of the cases when you need software product development services are as follows:

  • When you want your remote engineering team to take ownership of your product
  • When you’re busy with low-level product management tasks
  • When you want to avoid communication overhead and increase velocity
  • When you need to focus on strategy or more important products
  • When you need a scalable product software development organization

If you want to outsource software product development then you can consult ValueCoders,they are one of the best software product development companies in India.

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studio52 dubai


How to find the best video production company in Dubai?

How to find the best video production company in Dubai?We are the best video production company in Dubai, UAE. We offer Corporate Video, event video, animation video, safety video and timelapse video in most engaging and creative ways.

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studio52 dubai

studio52 dubai


Top Video Production Companies in Dubai 2021

Looking for the top video production companies in Dubai in 2021? Choose the right video production company to enhance your product and service with the best video services.

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Software Product Development Company, SaaS Development Services

PixelCrayons: Being a top software product development company, we are known for providing robust, secure, feature-packed, and scalable Software product engineering solutions as per the specific needs of businesses.

Get SaaS-based software product development services from initial strategy & planning to final deployment and after delivery support.

Being a trusted SaaS product development company, we cover the entire array of software product engineering services from consulting to development, testing and devops.

We turn your software product idea into reality by putting custom skillsets in place. With 16+ years of domain expertise, we have created 13800+ successful projects and garnered 6800+ happy customers from 38+ countries.

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Enos Prosacco


Why Product Management is Like Splitting an Atom

A powerful search indexing system, but you use it to create a desktop search panel — we would’ve been deprived of Google. It’s easy to get carried away by the immense capability of the technology you’ve created, without realizing that you haven’t allowed a way for it to be mobilized. When we first created TotalCloud, we developed an extremely powerful cloud graph engine. But we didn’t channel that capability in the best way — we initially used it to create 3D cloud visualization to get better visibility into one’s cloud. Overtime, we realized that the engine enables far more useful applications to benefit a cloud user, and we pivoted.
It’s like having the engine of a millennium falcon that can travel at lightspeed, and using it to power a car, on Earth. Unimaginable capability, wrong application. Bridging that gap between the power of the falcon engine and truly great feature in terms of a solution to his problem, is where the answer lies.
Especially engineering-heavy product management teams (speaking from experience) make these mistakes. They create revolutionary technology, but aren’t adapting it to maximize its value to a user. Engineering-heavy companies tend to harp on the product development aspect and utilize their features in a shallow way. If it’s only about building out great features, there’d be a lot of great companies. But If you’re able to produce a 10x better value for your users, that’s where you win. For instance, 3D printing technology is used for myriad purposes, but its application in healthcare by companies like Organovo & Biobot has enabled a brilliant use of the underlying tech.
Leveraging raw power & core competencies
When Canon entered the market, they leveraged the copier and printer technology to produce low-maintenance personal copiers, instead of the Xerox standard machines. Canon transformed it from an impersonal departmental job to a quick & easy product. They put their technology to use in the best possible way, to match what maximized value for a user.
The lack of this adaptability will lead to a massive waste of potential and a mismatch between your customer’s needs and your offering. You’re sitting in space with a ton of potential energy, but aren’t converting it into the kinetic energy that you need to move forward.

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