How to create a directory structure in bazel

How to create a directory structure in bazel

I want to create the following structure in bazel.

I want to create the following structure in bazel.

   |_ file1
   |_ file2
   |_ dir2

Creating a specific structure doesn't seem trivial. I'm hoping there's a simple and reusable rule. Something like:

  name = "dir1",
  path = "dir1",

makedir( name = "dir2", path = "dir1/dir2", deps = [":dir1"], )

What I've tried:

  • I could create a macro with a python script, but want something cleaner.
  • I tried creating a genrule with mkdir -p path/to/directoy which didn't work


The use case is that I want to create a squashfs using bazel.

It's important to note that Bazel provides some packaging functions.

To create a squashfs, the command requires a directory structure populated with artifacts.

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