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# Unlock Everything About E-Commerce Personalization

Many e-commerce websites offer personalized services to users. It is not just a trend, but it has become a marketing pattern, ensuring churning more and more revenue for online business owners.  

But, what's personalization?

Personalizing is all about tailoring the products, content, and services following targeted customers’ individual needs and preferences. It is to meet your target audience's expectations at any point in time. That's why an eCommerce development company makes use of this technique to accomplish maximum and relevant results.

But, why opt for personalization?  There are many reasons to do it, and here we will discuss that.

With such an overwhelming majority in favor of personalizing websites, it's no surprise that over 74% of companies surveyed have made changes to ensure their business can maintain this key aspect.

Why Personalized Approach Matters for E-commerce Websites?

The key reason behind the personalized approach's success in the e-commerce industry is the online customer's behavior. 

Consumers today are more likely to go for personalized websites because they want quick and efficient web services. A personalized approach helps deliver swift, better, and relevant web services, ultimately making an e-commerce website successful in achieving its business goals.

In short, the personalized approach for e-commerce websites is a combination of advanced online marketing strategies. Plus, it helps build a strong relationship with customers and uplifts the website's reputation over the internet.

According to the IT & Software Consulting Company research, 80% of consumers prefer buying from an online company that offers customized services and content tailored specifically for them.

What are the Benefits of a Personalized Approach for E-commerce Websites?

There are plenty of benefits one can get by implementing a personalized approach for e-commerce websites. A few of them are enlisted below:

1) Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

The personalized approach to e-commerce websites allows online visitors to access well-defined web services. It provides them with relevant information which fulfills their interests and needs. Hence, it enhances overall customer satisfaction.

2) Boosts Up Conversion Rates:

The personalized approach allows e-commerce websites to connect with their customers on a personal level. It reduces friction between the website and its visitors by providing them with information which they are looking for. This eventually results in boosted up conversion rates that help e-commerce business owners in achieving success.

Companies with advanced personalization realize a return on investment of $20 for every dollar spent.

3) Increases Search Rankings:

An ideal example of a personalized approach towards e-commerce websites is, which allows users to find almost anything they are looking for in a matter of seconds. It maintains its search rankings by catering to relevant web pages in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). So, a personalized approach can be treated as a credible way to achieve high search rankings in distinct search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

4) Better Customer Engagement:

A personalized approach towards e-commerce websites enables online customers to connect, which results in better customer engagement. It also helps increase user involvement on the website, as well as they can share their ideas and opinions about various products or services available on it. This eventually makes a personalized approach one of the most effective ways of increasing customer engagement.

55% of marketers believe the #1 benefit of personalization in this ever-evolving digital world is better visitor engagement and customer experiences. 

5) Increased Sales:

It's pretty tricky to define and measure the real impact of a personalized approach towards e-commerce websites on sales. But, if we consider John Wanamaker's quote, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half,” it can be treated as one of the significant benefits of a personalized approach. 

6)  Unparalleled Customer Retention:

A personalized approach towards e-commerce websites helps build a strong relationship with site visitors, resulting in unmatched customer retention. It has been estimated that one of the major reasons for online abandonment is shipping costs, as customers are not sure whether they can afford them or not. So, personalized solutions help e-commerce business owners in managing this issue to some extent.

The research found that 44 percent or more would do so again in the future if they are given a personalized shopping experience!


7) Grows Loyalty:

An ideal example of a personalized approach towards e-commerce websites is It helps its customers find the right product and allows them to read customer reviews before buying it. This ultimately makes them loyal towards their website, and they keep on coming back to for more deals and offers.

With the loyalty of customers in question, 58% of eCommerce companies surveyed are pursuing website personalization.

8) Efficient Competitive Level:

The personalized approach towards e-commerce websites benefits business owners and helps them take their competition to the next level. It enriches the overall user experience by providing tailored web services which eventually results in achieving continued success.

9) Lowered Costs:

The personalized approach towards e-commerce websites helps minimize the overall operational costs at all levels of online business. It provides relevant information which is easily accessible to users. And, this ultimately reduces customer effort, reduces the number of returns, and allows companies to save huge costs on inventory management and logistics.

10) Improved Performance:

Since the personalized approach towards e-commerce websites is based on gaining context, it offers tremendous opportunities to improve site performance. It helps enhance user experience, which reflects upon the overall web traffic growth of a company.

These are some of the benefits of eCommerce personalization which a business can attain by catering to personalized services to their online customers. Now, it's time to figure out ways and implement the best practices of ecommerce personalization, which can help your business grow exponentially.

How Can You Implement a Personalized Approach Towards eCommerce Websites?

Few factors can help you in successfully implementing a personalized approach towards your e-commerce websites. Some of these include:

1) Timely Feedback: Timely feedback is one of the crucial factors that can help you cater to the individual needs of online customers and eventually lead them towards increased conversions. Such feedback could be in the form of surveys, customer reviews, site searches, or other forms that can help you better understand your customers' online shopping behavior.

2) Contextual Content: It is essential to provide related solutions (content) at the right time to your users for them to make the best possible decision. This will not only benefit your business but also help you build a strong relationship with your online visitors as well as them become loyal towards you.

51% of consumers say that the best way to be contacted by a brand is via email.

3) Easy Navigation: To make your website more user-friendly, it is imperative to provide personalized web services. Besides, this will help you make the best use of technology and make it easy for visitors to find relevant information. Also, ensure that your website is intuitive enough for users to use it without any trouble.

4) User Engagement: The success of any ecommerce personalization lies upon the level of engagement created amongst users. You need to implement the best possible ways to interact with site visitors regularly. This will help you in identifying their needs and serving them accordingly.

5) Cross-channel Personalization: Cross-channel personalization is one of the most cost-effective ways that ecommerce businesses are following these days for achieving an unmatched level of success. It is helpful for online stores in delivering the right message at the right time and to the right people.

6) Omni-Channel Approach: Online retailers need to take an omnichannel approach to offer a personalized web shopping experience to their potential customers, making it easier for users to browse various products across different channels. This helps them in finding relevant solutions and eventually makes shopping easier and convenient.

7) Live Chat Support:  One of the most effective ways ecommerce businesses are following these days for offering personalized services to their online customers is through live chat support. It allows you to offer instant solutions to your website visitors in real-time.

8) Marketing Automation: E-commerce marketers need to use an automated marketing approach for engaging with site visitors, which can eventually make it easier for businesses to offer relevant content to their online visitors at the right time.

9) Rewards & Incentives: Online retailers need to implement the best possible ways through which they can offer benefits and rewards to their online visitors. This will not only help them in re-engaging with existing customers but also helps you build a strong relationship with your business website.

10) Personalized Product Recommendations: One of the best ways an online retailer can implement ecommerce personalization is through personalized product recommendations. It is a great way to offer suitable goods and services at the right time to delight customers.

Ending Words!

Personalized ecommerce websites are becoming the norm these days and can offer an excellent opportunity for businesses to grow exponentially. However, they must follow the right strategies and implement proper technology to stand out from their competitors.

Although the points mentioned above provide an excellent opportunity for making the best use of ecommerce personalization, it is also essential to hire eCommerce developers who can provide you with a customized solution that helps businesses achieve an Amazon-like shopping experience. 

Ecommerce development services have played a significant role in making online shopping easy and convenient for users and merchants. Therefore, it becomes highly essential for business owners to hire a trusted ecommerce development company to achieve an unmatched level of success.


Q1: How does eCommerce personalization work?

A1: In eCommerce personalization, a personalized experience is built for an individual customer, which they receive from the website. For example, if you have been on the same online store's website before and come back after a couple of days or a month to find that the displayed items are different now, then it means that your next visit will have a personalized experience for you. 

Q2: What business value does personalization have in eCommerce?

A2: Data-driven personalization can improve business outcomes and create a competitive advantage in eCommerce. It helps in building a long-term relationship with the customer, which results in increased loyalty. Personalization makes a rich experience for the customer by pushing relevant content based on previous behavior, thus increasing conversions and average order value.

Q3: What are the two essential methods of personalization?

A3:  Behavioral-based personalization and Contextual based personalization

Behavioral-based Personalization: In the behavioral-based method of personalization, a user's online behavior is considered for personalized content. For example, if a web visitor on a website repeatedly visits the clothes section but never buys anything, then more recommendations related to clothes will be displayed to them.

Contextual-based Personalization: In a contextual-based method of personalization, the content is based on the product or category in which a user is currently browsing. For example, when you enter an online shoe store and look at shoes, only items related to shoes will be displayed to you

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# Unlock Everything About E-Commerce Personalization

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How to convert your e-commerce into a mobile application?

There comes a lot of benefits that bring more advantages to your business. Some of the top advantages of converting your online eCommerce store into a mobile App are given as follows.

  1. Customer engagement
  2. Personalized user experience
  3. Cost-effective marketing
  4. Enhanced conversion
  5. Broader audience
  6. Fast loading and high performance

Before building a customer mCommerce mobile application for your business, you will need to know the important steps or decisions that you need to make on the process. From choosing the right innovative technology to finding the right mobile development company, here is everything you need to know about mCommerce development.

Choosing the right platform and technology for your business application

The success of the business depends largely on the user experience that your application delivers to your customers. It is no secret that mobile applications provide you with the best features and opportunities than anything else. You can provide the best user experience that is exclusively customized to the needs of your users.

If you want to attain the most out of the benefits of mobile application, it is crucial to choose the right technology for your mobile application development. There are two well-known platforms that are android and iOS When you are building a mobile application, you will have to develop 2 native applications that cater to both platforms separately or you can invest in a cross-platform mobile application.

Picking out the perfect eCommerce technology and tools

For a start-up, you can better go for cross-platform applications that are affordable, helps you in saving time and money. Because building native applications are a time-consuming process and also you will need to spend on two different mobile applications for two different platforms. Building native applications can bring you extensive user experience and features but it is expensive at the same time. There is another option that comes in the line. The Progressive Web Application is the technology that can bring all the benefits of mobile applications and also works in a browser as a web application.

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