Integrating HMS Analytics Kit to Flutter Projects and Sending Events

Integrating HMS Analytics Kit to Flutter Projects and Sending Events

Integrating HMS Analytics Kit to Flutter Projects and Sending Events. Huawei Analytics Kit. Configuration in AppGallery Connect. How to Generate SHA-256 Fingerprint? Integrate HMS to Your Project. Add Signing Configuration. TO-DOs in Project-level Build.gradle. TO-DOs in App-level Build.gradle.

Hello everyone,

In this article, I am going to create a Flutter project — actually a tiny game — and explain how to implement Analytics Kit. But first, let me inform you about Huawei Analytics Kit a little.


Huawei Analytics Kit

Huawei Analytics Kit offers you a range of analytics models that help you not only to analyze users’ behavior with preset and custom events but also to gain insight into your products and contents. So that you can improve your skills in marketing your apps and optimizing your products.

HUAWEI Analytics Kit identifies users and collects statistics on users by an anonymous application identifier (AAID). The AAID is reset in the following scenarios:

1) Uninstall or reinstall the app.

2) The user clears the app data.

After the AAID is reset, the user will be counted as a new user.

HUAWEI Analytics Kit supports event management. For each event, a maximum of 25 parameters; for each app maximum of 100 parameters can be defined.

There are 3 types of events: Automatically collectedpredefined, and custom.

Automatically collected events are collected from the moment you enable the kit in your code. Event IDs are already reserved by HUAWEI Analytics Kit and cannot be reused.

*Predefined events *include their own Event IDs which are predefined by the HMS Core Analytics SDK based on common application scenarios. The ID of a custom event cannot be the same as a predefined event’s ID. If so, you will create a predefined event instead of a custom event.

Custom events are the events that you can create for your own requirements.

More info about the kit and events.

Huawei Analytics Kit

Configuration in AppGallery Connect

Firstly, you will need a Huawei developer account. If you don’t have one, click here and register. It will be activated in 1–2 days.

After signing in to AppGallery Connect, you can add a new project or select an existing project. In the project you choose, add an app. While adding an app, make sure you enter the package name right. It should be the same as your Flutter project’s package name.

Also, make sure you set data storage location, enable Analytics kit, and add SHA-256 fingerprint to AppGallery Connect.

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