The Ultimate Guide to Infinite Scrolling in Angular 11

The Ultimate Guide to Infinite Scrolling in Angular 11

Powered by Open Brewery DB, NGX-Infinite-Scroll, and Angular Material

Powered by Open Brewery DB, NGX-Infinite-Scroll, and Angular Material

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Ethical Disclaimer

Infinite scrolling can be highly addictive.

I recommend the article “ Why the infinite scroll is so addictive” by 

Grant Collins

. It thoroughly delves into the psychological factors that entice users never to stop scrolling.I also strongly recommend “ The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. This documentary investigates the intensely adverse human impact of social media, which is more times than not accompanied with infinite scrolling. Don’t get me started on how many hours I have wasted scrolling down Instagram.

With that being said, infinite scrolling is undeniably a highly effective way to present a boundless list of data to your users.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Setting Up With Angular Material

This command will create our Angular application.

ng new infinite-scroll --routing=false --style=scss --skip-tests

Now we add  Angular Material to our application.

ng add @angular/material

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