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An ABC of Web App Development for Entrepreneurs

**Factor 1: What features does your web app offer? **
Normally, when you build a native app for both operating systems Android and iOS, the price almost doubles that of a progressive web app. 
If it’s a content platform, it often goes with features like Event Calendar (where users can see time, place, and event), **Map & Location **(which displays a map, allows location pinning, together with basic calculation of distance), Host documents (which allows you to manage, organize, and share documents, images, videos with your users), Task/Checklist Management (track and manage to-do list for individuals and teams), and Scheduled Content (which allows you to schedule your posts by time and date).
Factor 2: Who do you hire to develop the web app?
One individual mobile app developer cannot build a large project. So most of the time you need to hire a whole team including a project manager, programmer, UX/UI designer, and QA specialist.

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An ABC of Web App Development for Entrepreneurs