All you need to know about Git, GitHub & GitLab

All you need to know about Git, GitHub & GitLab

All you need to know about Git, GitHub & GitLab. Data Scientist’s starter pack — Part 2. Hosting your repository on GitHub/GitLab. Create an account in GitHub/GitLab. Make all the necessary changes assigned to their commits. Push the changes to GitHub/GitLab.

Data Scientist’s starter pack — Part 2

In the previous article, I have talked about some of the most important tools you will need to use when working on Data Science projects including Git widgets in VS Code. In this article, we will demystify the tool Git which allow the versioning of your code along with the handling of collaborative repositories.

Table of contents

The summary is as follows:

  1. Git & GitHub/GitLab
  2. Your 1_st_ repository
  3. Pushing and Pulling code
  4. Git project Philosophy
  5. CI-CD with GitLab

1. Git & Github

Git is a coding tool used mainly for three reasons:

  • Time versioning your code
  • Keeping track of the changes made
  • Allowing parallel collaborations of multiple parts

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