Query Builder in Laravel

Query Builder in Laravel

In this video we will learn about Query Builder in Laravel

Query Builder in Laravel

00:00:00 Introduction to Query Builder 00:02:40 Database Configuration 00:03:21 Retrieving All Rows from Table - table Method and get Method (Theory) 00:04:53 Creating Project 00:05:09 Download and Install XAMPP 00:05:56 Run Apache and MySQL 00:06:25 Opening phpMyAdmin 00:06:34 Create Database and Table 00:09:56 Mentioning Database Details in env file 00:10:44 Setting up Project 00:13:36 Retrieving All Rows from Table 00:18:12 Retrieving Single Row/Column from Table 00:19:19 first Method 00:21:03 where clause 00:22:22 value Method 00:23:10 find Method 00:24:14 pluck Method 00:26:28 chunk Method 00:30:55 Aggregates - count 00:32:08 max and min 00:32:57 Determining If Record exists 00:35:48 select Method 00:37:47 distinct Method 00:38:34 where Method 00:42:02 orWhere Method 00:43:38 whereBetween Method 00:44:47 orWhereBetween Method 00:47:03 whereDate Method 00:48:21 whereMonth Method 00:49:35 whereDay Method 00:50:30 whereyear Method 00:51:05 orderBy Method 00:52:46 latest and oldest Method 00:54:12 inRandomOrder Method 00:55:46 groupBy and having Method 00:57:10 Disabling mysql strict mode 00:58:00 take and skip Method 00:59:20 limit and offset Method 01:00:57 insert Method - Insert Data into Table 01:05:28 insertOrIgnore Method 01:07:24 insertGetId Method 01:08:58 update Method - Update Data into Table 01:12:47 updateOrInsert Method 01:18:50 delete Method - Delete Data from Table 01:19:46 truncate Method - Delete All Data from Table

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