Comparison of the Most Used Open-Source Web App Frameworks: Laravel vs ASP.NET

Comparison of the Most Used Open-Source Web App Frameworks: Laravel vs ASP.NET

Laravel Vs Asp.Net- Which is ideal for your web application development? Here is a category-wise comparison between both frameworks along with pros & cons.

Here we can have comparison of the most used frameworks Laravel and ASP.NET.

There are different parameters mentioned below, on which we can have a comparison of these platforms.

1. Speed & Performance

Speed and performance is an important aspect for any website development. It is very important to choose right framework while working on your dream project.

The programming language simply communicates your query to the database and yields the desired output.

2. Scalability

Scalability directly proposnal to the growth of your business. Here, both laravel and are extremely scalable frameworks that help you develop a potential business website that can accommodate your expanding visitor traffic. performs vertical scaling, whereas Laravel provides horizontal scalability. PHP divides your system into subsystems and manages it from different servers.

3. Market Share

The market share of the framework is immensely grown as compared to laravel.

As per Datanyze, the market share of framework is 25.40%, where that of the Laravel framework is 0.36%.

4. Software Suitable Websites

On the other hand, categories like enterprise-level websites, ERP apps, eCommerce platforms, and enterprise-level CRMs are ideally best-fit for development with framework.

5. Technical Comparison: Laravel vs ASP.NET

Project Size: Laravel is a good fit for developing smaller projects, whereas asp .net is best for medium to large projects that don’t need additional support.

Laravel projects demand such help that is not readily available, whereas is scalable to cover all huge project metrics.

Type of Code: uses compiled code that executes just like machine code and utilizes the system hardware. Such a process makes the code platform-specific and hence adds restrictions. PHP, on the other hand, uses interpreted code, making the program platform-independent.


As we mentioned earlier in the blog, enables vertical scaling, and laravel provides horizontal scaling. Before you chose your web development framework, think about how you would want to expand your project in the future?


To build a secure system, you must find skilled developers who can utilize the in-build features of and the capabilities of PHP laravel. Comparatively, is faster than the laravel framework, Laravel Sanctum provides authentication for SPAs, whereas Laravel Jetstream covers up the functionality with enhanced frontend technology.

6. Laravel or ASP.NET: Which is better for development?

There is a good demand for PHP developers globally because Laravel is an affordable platform for developing dynamic web pages. Whereas, ASP .net being a wholesome framework, can build so much more than simple websites. Mostly big companies choose framework because they have adequate project budgets.

7. Recommendation: When to choose which framework?

Entrepreneurs will get our final verdict that if you want to develop a website for a young startup company, PHP laravel is the best framework choice. Whereas if you are a giant organization and want to build a robust web platform, is the ultimate option. For that you can visit the Laravel development company, that gives you surety of success. laravel aspdotnet comparison web-development technology

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