How to Create 3D Mobile App Mockups | Intro to Spline Design Tool to Create 3D Mobile App Mockups. In this video, I will be using the Spline 3D Design Tool to create a 3D mobile mockup and use it to design a 3D mockup presentation for mobile app screens. We often look for 3D mockup templates to present our visual design. But, now with Spline, we can create our own 3D mockups and showcase them from any angle or perspective we want.
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0:00 - Intro
1:02 - Creating a 3D Mobile
7:48 - Laying multiple mobiles
8:18 - Applying the screenshots
9:16 - Export options
10:00 - Extra Tips


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Video Intro Credits: Spline

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How to Create 3D Mobile App Mockups | Intro to Spline Design Tool