Understanding Jakarta EE 8: Tutorial Series

A tutorial series that tackles various Jakarta EE 8 technologies. Jakarta EE 8 marks the new era in the Java Ecosystem. It is essentially Java EE 8 but it is governed by the Jakarta EE Working Group,

Understanding Jakarta EE 8 - CDI

This article covers some of the features of CDI such as type safe annotations configuration, alternatives and more.

Spring Boot or Jakarta EE – What’s Better?

Spring Boot or Jakarta EE – What’s Better? No – I don’t want to start a new flame war in which I put one framework above the other. Both, Spring Boot and Jakarta EE are great frameworks to build great modern Java applications.

Microservices for Java EE/Jakarta EE Developers

With this article, our intention is to illustrate that microservices are a valid option for Java/Jakarta EE developers with the help of Payara.

Jakarta EE 9 - Milestone 1 Released by Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Foundation celebrated the first milestone release of Jakarta EE 9 with a Jakarta EE 9 Milestone Release Party. The event was attended by 155 developers representing 20 countries.