How Is HSBC Leveraging Big Data & Cloud Technologies For Improved CX

How Is HSBC Leveraging Big Data & Cloud Technologies For Improved CX

HSBC is leveraging the latest in data engineering technologies, including the Google stack (GCS, BIGQUERY, CLOUD SQL, STACK DRIVER), to give their analytics the machine learning edge. These technologies are helping make better sense of data and do it faster to meet the evolving needs across it's various markets.

For the most part of this decade, new age technology-driven disruptors have been threatening the existence of traditional incumbents in every industry. To survive and thrive, the incumbents need to match the technology prowess and agility of these new-age competitors. In 2016, HSBC embarked on an ambitious technology transformation journey. From new ways of working to automation and tooling, HSBC overhauled its entire global IT function to fundamentally change how it services its customers.

One of the key pillars of the transformation was the adoption of cloud technologies. HSBC partnered with leading cloud technology providers to develop new services and create engagement models that allowed the highly regulated financial industry to adopt the public cloud at scale, across a complex global regulatory landscape.

With more than 40 million customers, HSBC is no stranger to big data and cloud adoption. They now have a sizeable footprint in the cloud of their approximately 240 petabytes of total data.

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