With so many cryptocurrency options what do you think is the best diversification strategy?

With so many cryptocurrency options what do you think is the best diversification strategy?

90% of crypto owners make these<em> </em><strong><em>3 major mistakes</em></strong> in building their crypto portfolio:

90% of crypto owners make these 3 major mistakes in building their crypto portfolio:

1. Overdiversification

I’ve had so many people come to me with 30 coins in their portfolio including loads of crap coins. What the hell!

They have so many crap coins recommended by Teeka Tiwari, who recommends any coin that sounds good in theory and has very low standards for a coin to be considered good.

I’ve had 5 people that had 30 coins or more, because of his recommendations. There are numerous other shillers in the crypto sphere, who recommend any coin if it just sounds good, even if it has zero users, zero traction, zero product.

I only recommend coins that have millions of monthly active users, loads of partnerships and a finished product. See the difference?

Don’t take crap coins in your portfolio and don’t have 30 coins! This is way too overdiversified. Only have 5–7 coins in your portfolio. If you have more, you’re doing it wrong. However, only having 4 coins is a bit too few. You should have at least 5, but definitely not more than 10! Then your standards are too low. Also, if you have more than 10 foins, it becomes impossible to follow their progress and check if they are doing stupid things and become shitcoins or if they keep delivering at high quality.

2. Having 5 coins of the same kind

They have 3 coins that do the same. For example, they have 5 dapps platform that are almost exactly the same like Ark, Lisk, ICX, Ont, Neo. There is no difference between those platforms.

Or they have ELF, DBC, Golem, all outsourced computing coins. Or Mithril, Storm, ENJ, WAX, all gaming coins. Just pick the best one with the most users and that actually have a product. The rest will fail anyway if they don’t even have users by now.

Why do you have all the coins, when they do the same thing? Throw out all the average one and only pick the best one. If it fails, so be it, that’s why you have other coins. But if you have 5 coins that do the same thing, even if 1 is super successful, you will almost not notice it, because the other ones pull it down so much.

3. Having low standards for their portfolio

They don’t have high standards for their portfolio, they have low standards. Any coin that wants in my portfolio has to be world-class.

If you want in my portfolio and you’re a blockchain, you need to have infinite decentralization and scalability, so that you can do theoretically billions of TPS.

If you want in my portfolio and you’re a token, you need to have millions of monthly active users on a finished innovate product and also some initial revenue. DENT is currently at $48M annual gross revenue per year. BAT will probably also be there very soon. If you don’t have revenue by now, I don’t want you in my portfolio.


All in all, do not make those mistakes that 90% of crypto investors make.

1. Having 30 coins in their portfolio of which 25 are shitcoins or just average coins. They may only have 1–2 world-class coins in there. 

I only have world-class coins in my portfolio. Everything else gets thrown out with no patience. If you want to be in my portfolio, you need to convince me beyond reasonable doubt and a bit more that you are worth it.

2. Having 5 coins of the same kind. 

Only pick the best one that convinces that it is absolutely world-class. If there is no coin in that market that can do that, you won’t have any coin of that market in your portfolio. Don’t take shitty coins in your portfolio.

3. Having low standards for their portfolio. 

Why would you do that? It’s your hard earned money? Do you take the next best girlfriend with no standards or do you call everyone your friend. Do you take any job? You surely have some standards there as well, no? If not, you should.

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