I Still Dislike Flutter, Buuuut…

I Still Dislike Flutter, Buuuut…

I still dislike Flutter, buuuut…If you’ve read any but my previous… ahem… musings on Flutter. Still have three applications written in Flutter, and I’ve successfully retired two of those codebases in favor of native-code rewrites. The biggest dislike problem with Flutter…?

Damn, if I’m not pretty quick and efficient on it, after being away from it for almost a year.

If you’ve read any of my previous… ahem… musings on Flutter, you might be aware that I generally think of it as yet another abandonware-pending system that will be crushed under its own weight, set afloat by Google and forgotten like everything else they do that isn’t tied directly to ad revenue. IMO, it’s just a matter of time before the rudderless open source community, and the corporate ADHD of Google conspire to bury Flutter under the sands of time and apathy because there’s no singular, driving focus around it. It’s kind of sad, really.

To be clear, I really, really hope I’m wrong. We’ll see.

We have three applications written in Flutter, and I’ve successfully retired two of those codebases in favor of native-code rewrites. Those two apps are better, smaller, faster, more tightly coded, and did I mention better? But one was a much larger undertaking, and we’re currently without a native Android developer. I can do maintenance coding in Android, but I’m nowhere near efficient enough in it to start from scratch and expect a reasonable timeline for completion. So this one app, still written in Flutter, and still requiring updates, haunts me again after sitting static a while.

While on a screen sharing session this past Thursday (May 27, 2021 — because so few people date things in their text, thus making it difficult to place them in time for the readers), giving a demo of the basics of a new screen layout, and working with a few folks who are more visual and less abstract-thinking about visuals, I bopped over to a code window, made some changes on the fly, refreshed the iOS simulator, and viola, everyone got what I was doing.

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