ReactJS 101 —  What is ReactJS & Why You Should Learn It

ReactJS 101 —  What is ReactJS & Why You Should Learn It

How is ReactJS different from Angular

React is a UI library developed and open-sourced by Facebook in 2011 and currently is the most popular JavaScript library to build user interfaces. I am emphasizing the fact that it is a library here. I will explain why this is important later.

React is the most popular UI library right now, and it powers thousands of websites. React uses JavaScript as its primary language and can run on many platforms, including webAndroidiOS, and even VR.

How Does React Work?

At the heart of all react, applications are components. A Component is a piece of the user interface. While building applications with react, we build a bunch of independent isolated and reusable components and then compose them to build complex user-interfaces.

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