How to Become an ISTQB Foundation Level Certified QA Tester in Two Weeks

How to Become an ISTQB Foundation Level Certified QA Tester in Two Weeks

Almost every software development agency eventually creates a QA department. QAs' play role is to validate if the product meets both business and technical requirements, but also works and looks as expected.

Company’s decision to have certified testers

Almost every software development company eventually creates a QA department. Software tester's role is to validate whether the product meets both business and technical requirements, but also that it works and looks as expected. Yes, a company can do just fine with no testing experts, and make their developers take care of that part. However, if you crave an effective, automated testing process, you need real pros in your team.

Having established workflows and knowledge how to make things done, a question about increasing qualifications and certifying the workers arises. Undeniably, product quality is one of the main targets in each development cycle both for the software development company and the client. It's obviously not just a QA's job to provide that, but having a professional quality assurance tester increases your chances of success.

We decided to broaden our skills and acquire ISTQB certifications for 2 main reasons:

  • We wanted to be able to ensure proper quality of our internal and external projects;
  • We wanted to be familiar with good practices in order to improve client’s satisfaction with project quality.

During the investigation of the software quality certification market, we came across different options: ISEB119IIST65QAI and ISTQB. After analyzing them, we came to the conclusion that the ISTQB certificate satisfies us the most: it is universal, well known, and covers a big volume of testing area. We also apply ISO 25010 to several of our projects.

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