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Sharing experiment results is an important part of the ML process. This talk shows how can enable collaborative ML by making it easy to share experiment results in your paper, blog post, social media, and more.

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Percy  Ebert

Percy Ebert


How to Choose the Team Collaboration Software

Teams spread over remote locations as well as the office are increasingly in vogue. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads in 2020, it has also resulted in increased reliance on distributed teams. These teams provide a huge amount of benefits and also pose a set of unique problems. Businesses are not surprisingly continually updating how they manage distributed teams. They are also increasingly using team collaboration software to overcome the challenges that distributed teams pose. So continue reading, to find the latest information on software that helps in the coordination and managing of distributed teams.

Overview of Distributed Team Management

1. Communication is the key

The cornerstone of managing a distributed team is communication. In a distributed team relying on email alone is just not an option. So there is an ever-present need to adopt the best team communication software tools available and provide feedback routinely.

2. Management of productivity

A distributed team’s productivity can be high at certain times and then fall off. To ensure that team productivity remains at optimum levels managers need to be able to monitor it. Managers also need the best team messaging collaboration solution to manage the productivity of individuals and the team.

3. Solid tech infrastructure

Cutting edge tech infrastructure is the backbone of a business communication solution. Using this infrastructure, managers can efficiently monitor employees and their work. Additionally, employees can use the tech infrastructure to ensure work is completed on time.

4. Advanced security features

Working in distributed teams often means having to deal with security issues that crop up when people work from home. Also within such teams steps have to be taken to ensure that data and customer information remains secure when transmitted.

5. Elevating team spirit and morale

Within an office, teams interact easily and managers can keep an eye on morale and team spirit. In distributed teams, the process of keeping team spirit and morale bubbling with energy is much more complex. The process requires the team and manager to put in extra effort and rely on the aid of group collaboration software.

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Why is Quick Dev Collaboration A Massive Headache?

COVID-19 has undoubtedly exacerbated the feeling, but who else thinks collaborating or merely communicating with your teammates on code is far from convenient, especially when it comes to quick problem resolution?

As software engineers, we are all too familiar with being stuck on a problem for hours, whereas it’s solution turns out to be a single line of code or even less. Let’s have a deeper dive into one such basic, however frequent situation.

Say my teammate works on an issue that I happen to be more familiar with than them. So my teammate is stuck and can’t be bothered to resolve the issue communicating. Why? Because it is a pain in the a!**

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ML and Trading - Impact of Machine Learning in Trading | Mobinius

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Justice  Reilly

Justice Reilly


Deploying trained ML model on Heroku using Flask | End-to-End ML Project Tutorial

The series will cover everything from Data Collection to Model Deployment using Flask Web framework on Heroku!

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