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Diego Bernhard


How to Create a Grid in a Jinja2 Template

If you need to create a grid from a list of items generated in your Flask app, then I will show you how to do it in your Jinja template in this video.

Get the code here: https://prettyprinted.com/l/1k6

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How to Create a Grid in a Jinja2 Template

Accordion Rows in CSS Grid

Another aspect of the meyerweb redesign I’d like to explore is the way I’m using CSS Grid rows to give myself more layout flexibility.

First, let’s visualize the default layout of a page here on meyerweb. It looks something like this:

So simple, even flexbox could do it! But that’s only if things always stay this simple. I knew they probably wouldn’t, because the contents in those two sidebars were likely to vary from one part of the site to another—and I would want, in some cases, for the sidebar pieces to line up vertically. Here’s an example:

That’s the basic layout of archive pages. See how the left sidebar’s Archives lines up with the top of the Feeds box in the right sidebar? That’s Grid for you. I thought about lumping the Feeds and Categories into a the same grid cell (thus making them part of the same grid row), which would have meant wrapping them in a <div>, but decided keeping them separate allows more flexibility in terms of responsive rearrangement of content. I can, for example, assign the Feeds to be followed by Archives and then Categories at mobile sizes. Or to reverse that order.

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Harry Patel

Harry Patel


A Complete Process to Create an App in 2021

It’s 2021, everything is getting replaced by a technologically emerged ecosystem, and mobile apps are one of the best examples to convey this message.

Though bypassing times, the development structure of mobile app has also been changed, but if you still follow the same process to create a mobile app for your business, then you are losing a ton of opportunities by not giving top-notch mobile experience to your users, which your competitors are doing.

You are about to lose potential existing customers you have, so what’s the ideal solution to build a successful mobile app in 2021?

This article will discuss how to build a mobile app in 2021 to help out many small businesses, startups & entrepreneurs by simplifying the mobile app development process for their business.

The first thing is to EVALUATE your mobile app IDEA means how your mobile app will change your target audience’s life and why your mobile app only can be the solution to their problem.

Now you have proposed a solution to a specific audience group, now start to think about the mobile app functionalities, the features would be in it, and simple to understand user interface with impressive UI designs.

From designing to development, everything is covered at this point; now, focus on a prelaunch marketing plan to create hype for your mobile app’s targeted audience, which will help you score initial downloads.

Boom, you are about to cross a particular download to generate a specific revenue through your mobile app.

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How to Create a Grid in a Jinja2 Template

If you need to create a grid from a list of items generated in your Flask app, then We will show you how to do it in your Jinja template in this video.

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Parker Posey

Parker Posey


Why Is Mobile Responsiveness Important In HYIP templates?

Nowadays, mobile phones are becoming an additional part of our lives, so all businesses are interested in expanding their business ventures in mobile versions.

But mobile responsive is very important and will help your visitors spend more time visiting your site because they can check their site while moving or sitting and they are in the comfort zone whenever they want.

With mobile responsiveness, your site fits in different sizes. This is a huge advantage as it can enhance its appearance on both the big screen and the small screen.

HYIP website design

Transforming the business platform with mobile-friendly helps to attract more visitors and this leads to business success. At the same time, a high quality mobile responsive HYIP site has several advantages; See below for a paragraph on those benefits:

Boost Sales!

The HYIP bootstrap response plays an important role in establishing the HYIP site. As I said before, phones have become a part of life or a third hand of everyone, so it is easy to track or capture your customers through mobiles. You will get your mobile-friendly HYIP template which will help your site to attract more people.


It improves your rankings in search engines. With mobile responsiveness, you can increase your SEO optimization to help your site attract more investors. By introducing your site on all social media, you can gain more attention from all visitors through SEO, which helps improve conversion rates. You may find that more visitors become investors with the help of higher exchange rates.

Easy Monitoring

It helps you to monitoring your business website easily at any instant. also It makes your investors to maintain or check out their actions on network and tracking transactions whenever or wherever they need. It’s very easier to deposit or withdraw from anywhere at any time. Having a mobile responsive business website will lead to do online business with less efforts.

Improves Reliability!

If your website is designed on a desktop without mobile responsiveness, the business website will not look as beautiful on the mobile screen as it does on computer monitors. This will definitely slow down your business. But with mobile responsiveness, your best HYIP Template will be the same on all devices with different screen sizes.

Responsive design will accommodate your investors no matter how big or small the screen. You can achieve the best user interface with your investors on all devices. Without a mobile response, your site is likely to lose investors.

Not only are the above points why the mobile response is important on HYIP business websites, but there are some of them. So let’s talk to a team of experts now to find out more about this.

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Parker Posey

Parker Posey


HYIP Template for Website Design: Why Is It Important?

These days everyone needs a good online presence. If you want to stand out in the industry, you need to create a great brand image in front of your audience. This can be a bit difficult for you if you are not already in the business.

Before you start with your HYIP websites you first need to get the necessary knowledge, market analysis, and many more things to do. With millions of websites and ways to create and design a website, you can choose anything depending on what you really want. If you ask us, we recommend using IHYIP templates to create your website. Here is why we chose it for you:

Why choose HTML based IHYIP templates first?

We recommend that everyone search for these resources. The reason is that HTML as a language is supported by major web browsers and search engines. This will make your site readable in most web browsers and help you get better SEO rankings. Other factors clearly define the benefits of using HTML5 resources such as its ease of use, customization options, attractive layouts, rich capabilities, theme support, flexible code, clean interface, and many more.

How to get started?

The first step in starting your design process is to select and install the correct and appropriate HTML based HYIP template. This will be an important decision for you because there are many theme stores that offer you free and premium design resources.

IHYIP Templates have already attracted the attention of many designers, and their beautiful design assets help them to complete creative web projects including HTML5 templates and other hosts in a short period of time. So you can visit the site mentioned here or find a good theme store yourself, select a template and click the download button.

How are these HTML templates created?

Html5, CSS3, a framework (usually Bootstrap), JS are commonly used together to create beautiful-looking templates. Also, all the latest techniques are modified when designing the layout of these resources, so if you have negative thoughts in your mind, get rid of them right away.

These resources are built with a responsive design that fits all the purposes of your website: it can be goldcoders HYIP templates, ICO web templates, cryptocurrency exchange templates, and many more.

So basically you are free to use HTML templates wherever you want or want. We recommend that you visit the HYIP Template Gallery page and contact the best experts in the industry to clarify your concerns. Hurry up now!

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