My Journey as a Self-Taught Programmer

Dizzy symbolMy Journey as a Self-Taught ProgrammerDizzy symbol If you are finding it difficult to learn by yourself. Read my story here and maybe you will be inspired a little. Feel free to reach out to me via DM. #codenewbies #python #learningjourney

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My Journey as a Self-Taught Programmer
Abigail betty

Abigail betty


Rich Programmer vs Poor Programmer

Ex-Google TechLead on the difference between rich programmers and poor programmers.
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Myriam  Rogahn

Myriam Rogahn


Lessons Learned from My Journey as a Self-Taught Developer

The path of the self-taught developer is tough and filled with uncertainty. There is no straight line from newbie to career programmer. Because of this, I believe all self-taught developers have a unique story to tell.

In this article, I’ll share my coding journey through a series of lessons I learned along the way. Hopefully reading about my experience teaching myself how to code will help you reflect on your own past, and motivate you to keep moving forward.

Lesson #1: Focus on the Process

When I first started learning to program, I never had the intention of making a career out of it. I just wanted to make a specific app.

My journey started when I was a senior in college. I just finished Richard Branson’s biography and I was probably reading too much TechCrunch. I was pumped full of entrepreneurial energy.

I was constantly reading about how college kids were receiving massive amounts of investment for their mobile app ideas. I thought I could be one of those college kids.

One day, while walking in between classes, an app idea hit me. I quickly became convinced that I’d found the next big thing.

I was consumed by the idea and stopped paying attention to lectures. My excitement for the app idea quickly grew to the point where I felt I needed to take action.

There was one big problem. My idea was a mobile app and I didn’t know anyone who could build mobile apps.

So I thought, “what the hell, how hard could programming be?” I was losing interest in my major and I was spending a lot of time playing Xbox. I could put some of my free time towards building out my mobile app idea.

Sometimes being naive helps you take action when you normally wouldn’t.

I was a college student with no programming, business, or design experience trying to learn Android so I could build a complex mobile app. I guess that’s what you get when you mix a big idea with the Silicon Valley hype machine.

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Brandon  Adams

Brandon Adams


10 Things Beginner Programmers Need to Know

Are you new to coding? Here are some tips and tricks for beginner programmers. Learn the importance of a strong computer science foundation for a software developer with this tutorial. Happy coding!

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Samuel Tucker

Samuel Tucker


How To Become A Self-Taught Programmer

What is a self-taught programmer? Is it actually possible to become one? How do you become a self-taught software developer? The answers are in this video! And if you're serious about becoming a self-taught software engineer, check out ProgrammingExpert at 

0:00 | Introduction
0:32 | What is a self-taught programmer?
1:03 | Is it possible to become one?
2:33 | How do you become one?
9:16 | Resources to use
12:54 | Outro

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