Polar Bear and Her Cub

Polar Bear and Her Cub

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Biodiversity The Earth is full of life, life that exists in all possible forms, shapes, colors and sizes. Over the course of evolution many new species have appeared; they changed, mutated, adapted to new climates and environments over time. As a result, we live on a vast and plentiful planet, populated with many beautiful creatures. This great multiplicity of life is biodiversity. Today an active debate about the need of preserving biodiversity and endangered species on our planet is in progress. The opponents of saving endangered species usually point to the extensive spending on these programs and their low effectiveness. A separate large debate exists over the Endangered Species Act, which is considered to be ineffective and with a number of flaws. Ballou argues that “the Endangered Species Act of 1973 is one of the most powerful tools that environmentally concerned citizens have to preserve biodiversity.” However, according to the author, when analyzed in detail, it fails to do so. Even after many revisions and updates, the opponents and even the supporters of endangered species recovery continuously complain to the politicians about the ineffectiveness of this document. It might seem irrelevant and not paramount, yet proper legislation is the core of the protection plan. Before any efficient measures can be taken, a proper work plan needs to be introduced by the officials and approved. In my opinion, biodiversity is very important for our planet. Despite the fact that critics and opponents of the endangered species recovery argue that it is natural for some species to become extinct because it is a part of evolution and natural selection, I believe this is not a strong argument and not a reason to give up on endangered species recovery. Most of the species that are facing extinction today are in such a position because of humans. We, as a species, are consuming the Earth’s resources very fast and are destroying nature for the benefit of profit and financial gains. Because of this, we are responsible and need at least to try our best to preserve these species, which we have put in danger. According to Chapin, the changes in biodiversity might have extreme consequences. The Earth is a closely interconnected system. Everything exists “for” and “because” of something. Minor changes to one of the links in the food chain, for instance, might result in an ecological catastrophe. The biodiversity influences and ensures the survival of humans on the planet as well: it is the key to the existence of a variety of agricultural crops an foods, and also is a crucial factor in medical research. We must be responsible for our actions. I, as a human, accept my shared responsibility for our actions and am willing to give up economic benefits so that my children can have a chance to experience the full beauty of our planet and see polar bears not only in encyclopedias and Coca-Cola commercials, but in real life, alive and breathing.

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