How to Create a PDF File from a List of Images with Python

How to Create a PDF File from a List of Images with Python

A how-to-guide for generating PDF files from a bunch of images using Python.

I had received the transcripts of my Bachelor's degree around a month ago. I always visualized transcripts as one document consisting of marksheets of all the semesters, but, when I received my transcript, I had four sheets. That was annoying for me, as now I had to do multiple scans to upload my transcript somewhere. To make such an upload easier, I can scan all my sheets one time and create a PDF file from images of those sheets. That will make my life easy with transcript uploads, won't that?

So, for creating a PDF file from a bunch of images, I know of two ways.

  1. I can use web services for such usecase and upload images of my sheets
  2. Use some programming language to do the task

I, a lover of programming and scripting, am inclined to do the latter way. Let's use Python for the task, shall we?

Using Python for this task will help when we have to do such conversion for hundreds of images, as uploading such a number of images manually is cumbersome and will take forever.

For this task, let's use fpdf library of Python.

import os

from fpdf import FPDF

pdf = FPDF()


pdf.set_auto_page_break(0) sets auto page break to False. Setting auto page break to False is important, otherwise, we might have a blank page after each transcript sheet in the PDF.

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