Overview of Network Reliability Engineering (NRE)

Overview of Network Reliability Engineering (NRE)

Complete overview of what is Network Reliability Engineering, Guide to enabling NRE and DevNetOps for continuous automation and monitoring

Overview of Network Reliability Engineering

In a world shaped by technology, automation helps businesses move fast and pivot on a dime. Meanwhile, the foundational value of network operations is steadfast reliability, a condition that is traditionally best during periods of inactivity. “Network reliability engineering” (NRE) is an emerging approach to network automation that stabilizes and improves reliability while achieving the benefits of speed.- Juniper Networks 2018

Although the dawn of NRE was mid-2018, it is the apt time to forget about the title of a network administrator, network operator or network architect but to embrace the new title as Network Reliability EngineerJust like sys-admins have evolved form technicians to technologists entitled with SRE, Site Reliability Engineer, the NRE is the title declared for modern network engineers. A professional who can implement a network in a reliable ecosystem is an NRE Network Reliability Engineer.Coming to define what is Network Reliability Engineering, Engineering an automated network in a service model which can operate reliably not compromising scalability, rate of change and performance.

Just as SREs define their methods like DevOps, DevNetOps is the method embraced by network reliability engineering. While Dev and app-Ops work tightly together on top of cloud-native infra such as Kubernetes, the SRE cluster is the crucial role of ops that delivers operational simplicity by designing separation of concerns. Likewise, the NRE can develop simplicity by providing its consumers an API contract to the network, probably the IaaS and cluster SREs. But at the same time, it becomes crucial that your foundational level of networking should achieve simplicity.

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