React Hooks: A Dream Come True

React Hooks: A Dream Come True

Today, I want to share my passion of the React Hook pattern that has revitalized my love for the React framework.

Today, I want to share my passion of the React Hook pattern that has revitalized my love for the React framework.

My journey with React has been spent few and far between, from rebranding most of my projects lackluster class-based components into fun and exciting functional components, experimenting with multiple third-party state managers (most recently zustand), and utilizing high order components to achieve reusability of components on a far better scale. However, my ferreted attention has shifted yet again after the addition of React Hooks, brought about in React 16.8. The functionality that hooks brought into my developing environment has ultimately brought such joy into my life I had to sing out of sheer excitement. Obviously a bit over the top but nonetheless, I got stuck in almost immediately and dare I say, I was hooked.

What are these Hooks that’s got you so jumpy

If you understand hooks, please skip this part; unless you really want to.

React hooks_ are functions that let you **_hook**_ into react state and life-cycle features from function components. React provides built-in hooks like useState, useEffect, useReducer, useRef, useCallback, useContext, useMemo and you can also create you own custom hooks._

Effectively, hooks introduce a pattern that functional components were previously denied. They provide our once stateless functional components with the capabilities of stateful logic. This is quite powerful and gives functional components more of a foothold in the React ecosystem. Not only being more syntactically clearer and yield a negligible performance difference than class-based components but now it can even be optionally stateful? Hot damn. Now time for some tasty examples.

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