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Educational Experiences in Mixed Reality

In this video, Spatial Computing Cloud Advocate April Speight will talk about how creating educational experiences with Mixed Reality can provide educators the ability to share holographic replicas of real-world objects without stepping foot outside the classroom. In this talk, we’ll take a look at Monumental World Tour, an interactive HoloLens 2 app created with MRTK which displays monuments from around the world and includes facts about each monument.


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Educational Experiences in Mixed Reality

Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Mixed Reality - Mobile & Web App Development

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Enhance academic experience with best Education App Development Company

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It-Jim: computer vision solutions for your business

With the invention of new technologies, human opportunities become almost limitless and any activity becomes much more interesting. One of the interactive innovations is augmented reality - a tool that allows you to get additional visual or audio information. Additional objects can be mounted directly online in the perception field.

Let’s try to understand what exactly augmented reality is. This term, which appeared in 1990, refers to the addition of any sensory information in the field of human perception in order to give a more complete description of the surrounding world or phenomena.

Sometimes you can hear the term “mixed reality”. However, these are different concepts with different key features. In augmented reality, all interactive information is created using a computer and digital technologies.

Examples of augmented reality from real life:

  • digital data on the screen during a football or any other sports match;
  • mixing of data or individual frames in movies;
  • computer games and gadgets, entertainment, quests;
  • marketing and PR projects that use the full potential of augmented reality for presentations.

The main principles of the technology highlighted by researchers:

  • augmented reality includes both real and virtual objects;
  • works in real time mode;
  • works in 3D.

How augmented reality works

The term was introduced by Tom Kodel, who worked for the Boeing Corporation. Back then, it was applied to newly developed displays used in the design of aircraft. The technology was embedded in the helmets and allowed seeing necessary additional information on the screen. Over time, systems have developed that allow more and more extended analysis of data obtained from the surrounding world using various sensors and supported by databases.

Now these are computer browsers and augmented reality applications that instantly digitize the data received and overlay it on the image. You only need a camera and special software. When the camera moves, additional data is projected on the screen, constantly updated when changing the angle or pointing at various objects. At the same time, the outdated information disappears and the relevant information appears to the user.

IT JIM is engaged in the development of augmented reality, which can be widely used in various areas: advertising, training, entertainment. You can contact specialists for advice or create a unique augmented reality project specifically for your business.

Where this technology is used

According to research conducted by Forbes magazine, the peak of popularity and development of augmented reality technology will be within 5-10 years. However, technology is already becoming more widespread and may soon become as familiar and integral part of our lives as social networks.

This allows a person to maximize the use of all resources at the same time to obtain information, which leads to the rapid development of many areas, increases the level of training and quality of leisure.

Mixed reality programs have already been implemented in such areas as:

  • social projects;
  • science and education;
  • marketing;
  • children’s and adult leisure activities;
  • digital publishing houses.

The development of such technologies allows you to achieve previously impossible effects, get the effect of complete immersion in what is happening and a revolutionary breakthrough in perception.

How to create augmented reality: tools and mechanics of action

There are several basic mechanical principles for creating this technology:

  • Binding to a placemark (geolocation, specific marker or plane). For example, information appears when pointing the camera at a specific logo, or when scanning the entire plane and the the coordinates of your location can serve as a trigger.
  • Portals allow you to see the space at all 360 degrees. This effect is achieved using graphics or photo and video files.
  • Multiplayer – multiple digital devices work simultaneously. It is often used in quests, team and group games and for presentations.
  • Extended functionality – all interactive tools that allow you to fully immerse yourself in what is happening: dialogues, animation, navigation through various web resources.
  • Integration of characters is carried out in two ways: 2D models shot using chromakey and full-fledged 3D models that are processed using a large number of special cameras and equipment. The second ones look much more realistic. Ready-made character models are then placed in an augmented reality environment.
  • Interaction directly with the physical object – this technology first creates a full 3D copy of the object, which then allows you to add new details to it in real time.
  • Web-based augmented reality allows you to view content via a browser or a special smartphone app.

In fact, to create an augmented reality object, you just need to place a virtual image on a real-time video projected from the camera of any digital device. For this purpose, various mechanics are used that allow you to activate the function at the right time.

Developers use all possible sensors of digital devices: gyroscope, accelerometer, geo-location tags and scanning of the surrounding space. This helps to make a full-fledged augmented reality and make a big breakthrough in the field of human perception of the world around us.

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Educational App Development

Education is no longer as tedious as most adults may remember. These days, it’s possible to study anytime and anywhere using only a smartphone. The education market has become a platform for tech innovations and a significant niche for the business.

Whether you’re looking for an iOS app (for Apple iPhones & iPads) or an Android app for your educational institution, we can help.

Our education app development team will transform your prospectus, enhance the classroom experience, and make teachers and support staff more efficient. We, at DataIT Solutions, believes in developing the best solutions for students to help them learn fast and brighten their future by implementing their knowledge.

Features Included in Education Mobile App:-

  • Online Exams
  • Scheduling
  • Training
  • Content Management
  • Doc Management
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Class Rooms
  • Creating Surveys

You need a website, app development company that designs, develops, and delivers elite business solutions to enterprises around the world. A team that helps businesses to succeed in the digital space. People like us, who’ll not just be your employees but your technology partner.

Tell us about your project
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