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Happy UI and a New Member

Hello Blog! or New creature to the the team!

It’s true. Raygun just got a new team member… And my name is Rick. I joined the team to make sure the back-end developers don’t write tags and other outdated markup in the app. But more importantly, I came to improve the UI to increase the user experience.

So who is the new member?


Well that must be me. A front end developer straight from the dark forests of Sweden. I like to send out a warning before you continue to read. This is not English, it’s Swenglish. Swenglish is a beautiful mix of swedish and english with some charming grammatical mistakes and it’s absolute unique melody (it’s like music).

Now I’m very excited to be part of the team of Raygun and I’m looking forward making improvements to the UI and the challenges the role comes with. I will now share some of my thought around developer tools and the importance of a good UI.

Raygun aiming high

In two years Raygun has grown from a empty html file to a fantastic error tracking tool with great success. Raygun have steadily been growing and reaching out to more and more developers. But now it’s a new time, a new era. It’s time to take an already successful product to a new level. Now it’s just a question of what level we want to take it to. To a higher level, to an even higher level or maybe even to the moon. Well I’m not a man of limitations so I would say that we should aim for the outer space. We should improve every possible thing to make the most for our users. Which is great because then YOUR users will also be happier with your product. If your users will be happier you will be happier and in the end everyone is happy. Sounds like we could have a happy party where everyone is just happy.

Why is developer-tools important?

Programers just want to get things done, right? No, for the most of us it’s not true. Because we spending a lot of time building apps and websites we want a good experience with the tools we’re using. The demand of producing systems fast is increasing, at the same time the demand of a reliable and stable products gets more required. Basically we have to develop more complex systems in way shorter time than before. Therefor having a great set of tools has a greater value than ever.

Top 3 qualities for developer tools?

My top 3 most important qualities for a developer tool is… efficiency, trust and fun. 3 maybe obvious qualities but I think we all know the feeling of “oh, I just saved me an hour thanks to this tool” or “I just saved me an hour thanks to this tool… and I’m not gonna tell my boss I used it”. But you probably also recognise the feeling of “This tool was very helpful but HEY, it was also fun to use”. When we can create a UI that turns something boring to fun we are achieving something great. We often put great importance to the UI to the “regular” user but I believe it’s as important for us developers. Developers also have feelings, don’t we? When a tool provides these 3 qualities you can truly be friend with it. This is what we want Raygun to be… Your friend.

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Happy UI and a New Member

Top 5 Mobile App Design and UI/UX Companies in New York

Are you looking for the Top UI/UX Designing Companies in New York? Hence, finding the Top UI/UX Designing Company in New York is not an easy job, as the USA is one of the largest technology hubs in the software technology design & development industry. To make it easy for you, we have picked the top 5 UI/UX designing companies from New York that will help to create your dream mobile app designs.

Top 5 Leading UI/UX Designing Companies in New York, USA

  1. AppClues Infotech
  2. WebClues Infotech
  3. AppClues Studio
  4. WebClues Global
  5. Data EximIT

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Best UI/UX Design Services Agency New York

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UI Designer Vs UI Developer

Comparing UI Designers to UI Developers
User interface (UI) designers and developers are directly responsible for the consumer base’s experience using an application or software program. Designers specifically deal with the visual aspects of the program, while developers deal with the overall performance and functionality of the software.
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Responsibilities of UI Designers vs. UI Developers
UI designers and developers work in tandem to create a program or application that is easy to understand and operate by their customers or clients. Though there may be some occasional overlap in the duties within the workplace, their designated duties are quite clear and are dependent on the other. UI developers are responsible for the coding and programming in the conception of an application, specifically with regard to how the software operates at the hands of the user. UI designers are in charge of applying their understanding of the program operations to create a visual experience that is most compatible to the program’s functionality.

UI Designers
User interface designers are tasked with understanding the programming language of the application in creation so that they can conceptualize and craft visual aspects that will facilitate usage of the program. They are expected to understand computer programming as well as graphic design due to the demands of their work, since they are in charge of incorporating their designs into the program correctly. Their designs are implemented into the layout, which is typically drafted by the developers, while the style of their designs is contingent on the guidelines given by the directors. Once these designs are finished, they must implement them into the program and run a demo of it for the developers and directors to ensure they met the needs and expectations of the project while ensuring there aren’t any bugs caused from their designs. Get more skills from UI Training

Other responsibilities of UI designers are as follows:

  • Make drafts in graphic design and editing software
  • Select fonts and determine color schemes, for consistency
  • Proficiency in programming codes such as Java or CSS
  • Create storyboards and test runs of animated, visual concepts

UI Developers
User interface developers are responsible for the functional aspects of a software application, coding and programming throughout all stages of development with the clients and potential users of the application in mind. They usually begin the process by incorporating the clients’ expressed needs into a layout that is modified as progress is made. Once they get the general functions working, the designers will incorporate their visual conceptions into the layout to ensure that the first draft is operational. If there are any bugs or malfunctions to fix, the developers must troubleshoot and patch the application. While doing these tasks, they must take detailed notes of all the progress made to streamline any future updates made to the program, functionally or aesthetically. Learn more from ui design course

UI developers will also be responsible for:

  • Utilizing research data to improve or build onto the design of the application
  • Suggesting any software updates to improve functionality
  • Constructing diagrams that will aide other developers and programmers on the project
  • Performing test runs of the application

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UX designer ? UI designer ? UI Developer ?

The UX designer is someone who thinks about what should the user flow be like, which page should lead to which page, when should a confirm popup appear or not appear, should there be a listing page before or after a create-new page, should there be an address field in the page or geolocation is enough to serve the purpose? After brainstorming through each of these and several other questions, the UX designer comes up with something known as wireframes, which in simple terms is just a blueprint of the website/app.
This is image title

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The UI designer then takes the wireframes and makes them beautiful, also ensuring that the workflow of the product is communicated well to the user. He will add the pixel level details to the wireframes. What should be the font used, what should be the background image, do we need a background image, what should be the foreground color, how big should be the submit button, does it make more sense to have the menu at the bottom of the screen, what should the logo look like? The job of a UI designer is answering all these and thereafter delivering static mockups, using may be Photoshop, Invision and many other design tools.

The UI developer is the one who puts these static mockups in “real code”. They might need skills like HTML CSS , precompilers(like sass or less) , UI frameworks (like bootstrap or foundation), or xml layouts( in case of android UI) or a combined knowledge of all of them with Javascript (in case of react, react native). The result is a beautiful set of screens/pages which can be actually rendered in a browser or a mobile device.Learn more from ui design course

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Creative UI/UX Design Company New York, USA | Hire UI UX Designers NYC

With the growing use of software & technology, the designers’ role has evolved to create a better design layout that works perfectly to serve enhanced user experience. And it’s high time to use UI and UX elements in your design and develop things to build a successful website or app. Today’s designing model has comprised of UI as well as UX elements which rhyme similar but it’s not.

The discussions over the meanings of UX and UI are an endless cause of its increasing demands and use. And finding the best, experienced yet affordable UI/UX designing company is a hard nut to crack. So, before delving deep inside the leading UI/UX companies, let’s find out what exactly is UI/UX and why there is a need of it to build a stunning website.

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