Strategic Barricades for Software Development

Strategic Barricades for Software Development

Strategic Barricades for Software Development. In the last two weeks, I have made multiple rookie mistakes that have cost me a lot of time to fix. Barricades are a damage-containment strategy. One way to barricade for defensive programming purposes is to designate certain interfaces.

Sometimes going faster means slowing yourself down.

In the last two weeks, I have made multiple rookie mistakes that have cost me a lot of time to fix. These weren’t necessarily expensive mistakes, in terms of actual real-world dollars out of pocket, but they shouldn’t have happened either way.

I’ve lived my entire life doing things the second that I felt they were ready to be done. It’s less that I’m impulsive, and more that I dislike the idea of delaying things that I think are ready to go. More often than not this works out for me, and I come off as someone ready to seize the moment when it appears.

Other times it takes out the entire staging environment for your largest client for a half hour.

The focus of this article is the latter decisions. These are decisions that I’ve made, and I know others make, in situations where they are skipping steps that they know they should take. Not because they’re careless, more because in the moment they just want to be done.

It all starts with a routine

Routines are boring, but almost every decision that has caused me pain was due to me avoiding something that should have been routine. Good decisions are made long before the decision happens. They’re grown organically as we work through how we think about problems, and what decisions we make every day.

In my job as a software developer, we have a few routines that take some time, and getting used to. The step that I always seem to miss is verifying code after mixing my code with everyone else’s code. It’s so easy to run git merge and git push in quick succession, it feels almost painful to step away from the terminal between each command, when the former runs smoothly the first time.

But that’s bitten me more than once, and I finally decided to put a stop to it.


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