Domain Driven Design for Large Infrastructure as Code Projects

Domain Driven Design for Large Infrastructure as Code Projects

Domain Driven Design for Large Infrastructure as Code Projects. Discover how to optimize the Domain Driven Design concept for your Infrastructure as Code projects for your application's architecture.

In this current age of software development, microservices play a crucial role. More than  63% of enterprises are adopting microservices architecture for better customer experience, better employee efficiency and for cost saving. Using the right approach to build microservices is more about the software’s architectural design. Two architectural principles which help engineers succeed with microservices are Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Infrastructure as Code (IAC). 

What Are DDD and IAC?

Domain Driven Design was introduced by Eric Evans in his book,  Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software, 2003. He encompassed best practice approaches from the software development landscape to provide the foundation for the idea. DDD is a concept for software architectural design which breaks complex problems into smaller areas. These smaller areas are called domains. Each domain has several subdomains and these subdomains contain the business logic of the software. For example, an online e-commerce domain can have product, order, catalog, and delivery environments as subdomains.

Infrastructure as Code is a very popular term in the DevOps landscape, and it encompasses the process of infrastructure automation in an enterprise. IAC encourages you to provision and manage the entire IT architecture through code. IaC adopts the DevOps approach of operating from a single source of truth to ensure that the same configurations are applied repeatedly and there are no discrepancies.

Could DDD Help with Large IaC Projects?

The major advantage you get for using DDD is that DDD helps you solve complex business issues by breaking them into small pieces and solving them separately, and IaC projects are pretty complex in nature. As your infrastructure grows, the amount of infrastructure code grows and it becomes very difficult to maintain. Following the principles of DDD will help to manage complex Infrastructure as Code projects with ease. You can divide an Infrastructure as Code project into several subdomains depending on different business logics and maintain these subdomains separately.

Consider you are using Infrastructure as Code for automating infrastructure for a company. The company’s hierarchical framework comprises of several teams including the development team, testing team, operations team, and production team. The company’s current Infrastructure of Code setup involves managing and provisioning infrastructure across all the teams together. However, this comprehensive approach can become very complex at an environmental or team level for handling the infrastructure code for all the teams in a single script file. So, you can apply Domain Driven Design principles here and manage the infrastructure code for all the teams separately with ease while still optimizing the benefits of automation and version control that are inherent to IAC.

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