Talking Progressive Web Apps

Talking Progressive Web Apps

My latest DotNetRocks Podcast interview covers why Progressive Web Apps are the next major wave of web and mobile technology.

Yesterday my latest interview on DotNetRocks went live. Carl, Richard and I got to sit down for an hour talking progressive web applications.

It was awesome chatting with them because I could sense their enthusiasm and curiosity about PWAs. They were able to tease out important tidbits from my brain on how progressive web apps are changing the way we think about not only the web but mobile applications.

The only downside to the interview is the 1 hour limit. There's so much more I would like to discuss about progressive web apps. They are very talented at utilizing the limited amount of time to bring out some of the most important points developers and business decision makers need to consider.

We got to talk a little bit about how progressive web apps create a native app like experience, especially in today's mobile dominant world. I also discussed how Apple's recent app store purge increases the importance of PWAs to business success.

We also talked about how service workers change the way we need to think about building our web applications. In fact, I got to start the interview off with something I consider to be a little controversial. For now you'll just have to listen to see what trouble I stirred up. I do plan on posting some content, hopefully later this week on the topic.

I encourage you to go listen to the interview and also find other DotNetRocks episodes that may help you understand the technology needs you and your company need to master.

DotNetRocks has been live in a staple of not only development world, but developers in general for the last 15 years. One episode I highly recommend is listening to a recent interview that they held amongst themselves discussing the history of .NET.

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