This 10 Features in Asp.Net Core you need to know

This 10 Features in Asp.Net Core you need to know

This is for sure that Asp.Net Core is a significant upgrade which gathered a lot of eyes of the developers.

With the revolution of technology, today, we are living in an era where everything is under a few clicks. Whenever we try to google some words, then in milliseconds, we find thousands of websites created by web developers. In fact, they generate a lot of stuff ranging from web apps to desk apps to gaming apps or any other mobile apps.

The developers use various platforms to generate new things for us. A very popular platform is by Microsoft. A dynamic, cross-platform web development framework, apart from being free and open-source, is Asp.Net Core. It is an upgraded version of another framework by Microsoft named Asp.Net. It is freshly written from scratch. It comes with uniquely single programming model of two another famous web framework called ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API.

With regular updates and add on features, developers have to code now less compared to the earlier times. This enhances performance and better scalable web applications. Let’s look more closely about the Asp.Net Core features and other add-ons by Microsoft on Asp.Net Core.

10 Features help you to develop better ASP.NET Core apps

1. Cross-platform Functionality

One of the very crucial features of Asp.Net Core is its cross-platform functionality. This implies the fact that it can be run on several other platforms. So, if Asp.Net Core developer wants to build numerous applications and versions that too for different platforms like Windows or Linux or might be any other than Asp.Net Core is widely recommended. This functionality will allow the developers to easily edit their HTML, CSS, and JSON content frequently. And also help them in publishing the application made to the respective app store service. One of the essential features helped in Asp.Net Core development

2. Performance

No app or website is a success which does hang frequently and doesn’t work correctly. Hence, the application performance of the app is quite remarkable. Bothcoding and framework architecture defines its application performance. Asp.NetCore from Microsoft is one of the fastest development frameworks. ASP.Net Core application can manage around 1.15 million requests/second. So, surely Microsoft team make sure that this technology does not disappoint us in any domain.

3. Modular

There was a time when Asp.Net Core developers used to work with assemblies. But now with the increase of technology, they no more deal with meetings; instead, they promptly work with NuGet packages. During the era of the .Net Framework, all the framework updates used to work through Windows updates. But for .Net Core, it’s quite different since the responsibility of updates lies on the shoulder of the package manager. NuGet packages come with a lot of benefits like high security, enhanced performance, and also helps in reducing the servicing of web apps.

4. Trusted and secure

One of the prime focus of concern for Microsoft is providing security. If whenever they sense about any threat, an update is being followed immediately to enhance the trust and safety in the system.

5. Vast Ecosystem

Another feature which you may purchase from the .Net ecosystem is several libraries from your NuGet package manager, partner network and also Visual Studio Marketplace, there are arprox 50,000+ Asp.Net Core realted NuGet package available . With the help of the community, MVPs, and broad support network varieties of technical queries can be resolved.

6. Globalization and localization

When the content of your service is being provided on a multilingual website, it attracts a broader audience. Asp.Net Core extensively works quite well, helping to localize into numerous languages and cultures. The term globalization stands for the meaning that web applications are language and culture neutral, whereas localization is the process where a web application is specific to its location and culture.

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7. Self-hosting apps

One can host ASP.NET Core applications on Windows that too without the usage of IIS. Therefore, they are self-hosted and hosted for Linus distribution on Nginx. This implies that .NET Core application work well independently on all platforms available so that Asp.Net Core developer need not worry.

8. Open-source

As we know, .Net Core is not only open-source and cross-platform but also the updated version of .NET community. The open-source includes libraries, languages, compilers, ASP.NET Core web framework, windows desktop frameworks, and lastly entity framework core data access library. Open source an amazing Asp.Net Core feature. This feature had led to immense Asp.Net Core Development in the long run.

9. Minimum coding

With minimum lines of coding, an Asp.Net Core developer may reach the same position as if with numerous lines of coding just with the help if Asp.Net core. ASP.NET Core follows several standard APIs with the .NET Framework apart to APIs that are specific either to Unix, Linux, or OS X. Again; an attractive Asp.Net Core features apart from open-source, which is excellent for the overall development.

10. Unification of programming model

Before the existence of Asp.Net Core, developers had the option of using MVC and Web API frameworks broadly. With the presence of Asp.Net Core, the Developers get the advantages of both the web development framework helping in Asp.NetCore Development.


Apart from the features as mentioned above of Asp.Net Core, we got a variety of other add-on feature. For instance, new Razor pages which work on familiar Razor syntax but are the replacement for WebForms. It rigorously supports for WebSockets, which is used to maintain long-running connections and communicate with the browser well. Another feature is extensible filters. These features were significant for Asp.Net Core development.

The biggest reason why Asp.Net core was adopted by most of the developers was the fact that it doesn’t require any new knowledge, which is a plus point.

This is for sure that Asp.Net Core is a significant upgrade which gathered a lot of eyes of the developers. Various add-ons are highlighting its aspects for all the Asp.Net Core developers. Therefore, Asp.Net core is powerful applications with outstanding performance and scalability.

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